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Top 10 Speaker Brands In the World

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It has been seen when a regular buyer apart music enthusiasts go out to buy a speaker; they often differentiate between speaker based on their brands . They emphasize a lot on the brand because they feel that by getting a good branded speaker that will enjoy quality as well as durability. So our team has listed the top 10 speaker brands (read more about speaker brands) that will not only please audiophiles but also music enthusiasts. However here we haven’t ranked the brands as we feel several factors will come into play if we rank them. So let’s check out all the brands;

Harmon Kardon

Top 10 Speaker Brands In the World 1

– Well, if you are an audiophile then you must be familiar with this prolific brand who has a lineup of some of the finest speakers in the market. Harmon Kardon belongs to the parent company Harman Intentional who also owns brands like JBL, Revel, Crown, etc. Harman Kardon speakers are all about quality, and that is why they won sever awards in technical audio department in Grammy Awards as well as Academy Awards.

It is an American origin organization that was founded by Bernard Kardin and Sydney Harman. The speakers they manufacture is always associated with class, quality, and elegance. Their speaker ranges from the wireless audio system, home theater speakers to computer speakers and soundbars. According to experts even though their speakers are slightly pricey but it worth every money you spend on them. Apart from a large speaker, they even have some portable product, and Onyx Studio 3 is the most popular model in the bunch.


Top 10 Speaker Brands In the World 2

– The American brand Bose doesn’t require any introduction because everyone in the world knows their name for offering superior quality products. It has been present in the audio market for more than half a century, and many experts consider it as the market leader. Bose is known for never compromising on the quality of their product, and that is why many audiophiles blindly trust their products.
Bose is not only associated with consumer speakers but also speakers that are used commercial purpose. They mostly deal with designing and developing speakers like wireless speakers, stereo speakers, computer speaker, home theater system, loudspeaker, portable speaker, portable PA system, etc. Despite a huge range, their Bluetooth speakers and home theater system grabs the highest sales chart.


Top 10 Speaker Brands In the World 3

– Sennheiser is one of those big speaker brands (read about a few top-rated vintage speakers) that has not earned a massive reputation in the market but also has created a loyal fan base. It is one of those brands which are widely popular for their sharp designing, top-notch hardware and realistic audio quality. They hold an extensive range of products spanning from home theater speaker, wireless speaker to all the way to professional aviation headsets, professional audio devices.
Sennheiser is a German brand that was found by Fritz Sennheiser, and its headquarter is currently located Wedemark in Germany. They are not restricted to a specific part of the world; instead, they are widespread to every part. Nowadays their product has become a favorite among consumers in the United States as the speakers offer a beautiful audio quality at a nominal range.


Top 10 Speaker Brands In the World 4

– Well, this list would be incomplete without mentioning the legendary speaker manufacturer “Sony.” It is a highly reputed brand that is synonymous with superior and out-of-the-box products. Many of their products come in the favorite list of sound connoisseurs, and it is mainly because of their true-to-life audio quality and unparalleled performance. Although they are mostly known for dominance in consumer speaker market not everyone knows they also reside at the top-tier position at professional speaker manufacturer market.

Sony Corporation is a Japanese electronics giant which was founded by Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka back in the year 1946. With the headquarter at Minato, Tokyo they are present in every part of the world, and there is hardly anyone who is not familiar with Sony’s speaker. Another reason behind their enormous popularity is that they offer almost all type of speakers starting from entry-level Bluetooth speakers to large professional loudspeakers. Moreover, they provide an elegant, modern and aesthetically pleasing design which you won’t get in all high-quality speakers.

Klipsch Audio

Top 10 Speaker Brands In the World 5

– Klipsch may not seem like a familiar name to every user, but it can be considered as the pioneer of high-end speakers in the market. It is an inevitable choice of many musicians in the US, and it is mainly due to its ability to offer top-of-the-line quality at any condition. Many audiophiles drool over the speakers of Klipsch Audio technologies as they deliver an authentic and ear-pleasing sound experience with optimum bass.

They offer a plethora of speaker options to their buyers which includes their famous Dolby Atmos and high-end studio speakers.
Klipsch Audio is an American brand which was found by Paul W Klipsch back in 1946 and it’s headquarter is located in Hope, Arkansas. Speaker of this international brand has been designated as the official audio devices of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. Speakers of this brand come with a hefty price tag, but no one has ever regretted after buying their speakers.


Top 10 Speaker Brands In the World 6

– Another famous audio product from the house of Harman International is JBL, and their popularity is almost similar to Harmon Kardon in the market. It is a highly trusted brand that offers fantastic audio quality speakers at an affordable price point. You can stay assured that you will be treated with high-quality audio and durable build. When it comes to designing, JBL is quite dynamic in this sector as they bring out trendy designs with unique features in their products.
James B.Lansing is the founder of JBL who used work as the VP of Altec Lansing before starting the JBL. This organization has two independent division where one part deals with consumer products while the other produces professional audio products for studio, music concerts, DJ, cinema, etc. Their consumer lineup is widely trusted as it guarantees exceptional sound quality whether you are getting high-end home theater speaker or standard Bluetooth speaker.

Bowers & Wilkins

Top 10 Speaker Brands In the World 7

– Bower & Wilkins is a highly reputed brand that mostly manufactures top-rated speakers coupled with modern technologies. They may not have offers huge consumer lineup but whatever they offer is more advanced than many speakers in the market.
This British audio company was found in the year 1966 by its originator John Bowers and its headquarter is currently located in Worthing, England. Since its launch, their speakers have become a rage in the market, and it is still delivering innovative models with unique features and elegant design. Some of their notable products comprise 800 Series Diamond, DM1, DM70, Matrix 801, P1, etc.


Top 10 Speaker Brands In the World 8

– KEF is a leading European speaker production organization that has its wings spread all over the world. It is one of the favorites speaker brands of experts and audiophiles who love to hear the pure quality. It is one those rare brand that not only emphasis on the audio quality but also on the technology and this is the reason all their speaker carry advanced technologies.
Raymond Cooke found this audio company in Tovil in the year 1961, and this organization handles all its operation from Maidstone, England. In addition to speakers, they also manufacture subwoofers, loudspeakers, headphone and many unique, innovative devices for which they won some prestigious awards.

Yamaha Corporation

Top 10 Speaker Brands In the World 9

– You might associate Yamaha for various other products, but this iconic brand is one of the reputed manufacturers of speakers. It is a Japanese corporation that was founded in the year 1887. This organization is more into audio quality and build quality rather than design and fancy feature. All their speakers is an output of sheer modern engineering, and it produces pure sound quality without any flaw.

Like other favorite consumer brands, they also offer a vast range of speakers in the market so that they can meet the requirements of different users. BR series, VXS series, VS series, CBR series are some of their famous lineup of speakers in the US market. Apart from traditional speakers, they also ceiling speaker, computer speakers, and some portable models.

• Definitive Technology

Top 10 Speaker Brands In the World 10

– Last but not least, Definitive technology is the last entry in this list, and it holds all the capability to be recognized as one of the top brands. It is a well-reputed speaker manufacturer that mostly deal in consumer level audio equipment. Its R&D department is widely famous for producing superior audio drivers that deliver superb bass along with crystal clear audio quality.
This American brand was found in the year 1990 by ED Blaise, Sandy Gross, and Don Givogue. It is a sub-brand of DEI Holding, and its headquarter is located in the Vista, California, United States. Along with speakers, they also produce headphones, soundbars, and loudspeakers. Since its entry, they have achieved many praises from renowned musicians and numerous awards from various organizations.

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