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Great Ways of Using Tech Gadgets to Increase Student Engagement

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For the past 10 years, technology rapidly advanced. It has improved communication, making it easier for everyone to connect globally. With this advantage, student engagement can be dramatically increased.
Technology has made almost every aspect of life easier, including education. One of the benefits of technology in education is having more opportunities for students. Not only do students get to access more learning materials, they also get to experience unique presentations.
Of course there are conservative people who still want the old fashioned way of learning because it is believed to teach discipline to students. But nowadays, we cannot deny the fact that surfing the internet has become a part of the daily routine of people, especially young adults. This can be used in increasing student engagement by introducing the students to modern technology in school.
With the world constantly changing, we must be able to cope with the changes and those changes include incorporating technology to almost every aspect of our lives. Education is one of the major aspects that needs serious adjustments. There are many ways on how to increase student engagement by using technology technology in the classroom.
Have you ever wondered how can technology be used to enhance learning in the classroom? Here are 7 ways of using tech gadgets to increase engagement.

7 Ways of Using Tech Gadgets to Increase Student Engagement

One of the reasons why students are sent in school is to prepare them for the demands of the real world, one of which is becoming globally competitive. With the power of the internet, opportunities have become reachable to students all over the globe and everyone must have the chance to grab it.
Of course, being globally competitive is a huge advantage and preparing students for it should not be as hard and as dragging as you think. The use of technology in the classroom to enhance teaching and learning can be the solution on how to make learning fun. Here are 7 ways of using tech gadgets:

Creative presentations

– One of the best ideas for using technology in the classroom is to present and create unique presentations. With tech gadgets, you can create 3D presentations with advanced sound effects, you can even insert videos in your presentation. This would make the lessons more fun and lively. This will also give students a chance to boost their creativity by enabling them to make creative presentations of their own.

Interactive learning

– There are several education apps which feature fun pop quizzes and student forums. This will not only nurture the students’ minds, it will also expose them to different perspectives of their fellow students. Types of technology in the classroom like this will not limit student engagement in the classroom, it will help them interact with other students globally.

Publishing works

– One of the major benefits of using technology in the classroom is having a wider selection of learning materials and the ability to publish students’ works as well. Engaging students with technology like this will not only widen their perspective, it will also create more opportunities for them and their works to be acknowledged.
This will also increase their confidence and self-esteem. Publishing students’ works is one of the best classroom technology ideas because they will get the recognition they deserve.

Playing Games

– Games have always been effective as a way to keep students interested in the lesson, it is also a good icebreaker for dragging topics. One of the benefits of technology in the classroom is having advanced educational games for students that do not require a long time to prepare.
There are several games that could be played on smartphones, iPads, or tablets that are available for downloading. You must also take this as an opportunity to teach students with regard to controlling themselves when playing games in their gadgets, because it can become a huge distraction and can result to unproductivity.

Global communication

– Having internet for classrooms enables students to communicate with students from different countries. This will expose them to different cultures and will help them understand society more. This will also help them be globally competitive. Teachers will also get the chance to communicate with different instructors that can help them improve their lesson plan and teaching methods.

Video Streaming

– Using technology in the classroom gives students the privilege of watching educational videos such as instructional videos, documentaries, and movies related to the lesson. Videos are great learning materials since they appeal to both visual learners and auditory learners.

Artificial Intelligence

– There is no need to worry when you are sick! With the combination of education and technology, instructors can now conduct lessons even without being physically present. Every minute is valuable and you don’t have to feel guilty about not being able to come because you can now use technology.

How can technology used in the classroom help students excel?

Teaching students how to use gadgets properly is a huge advantage because it will not only enhance their cognitive skills, it will also help them cope with modernization. Global modernization has brought major changes and resulted in the emergence of several global trends — one of which is innovation.
With innovation being one of the global trends of the 21st century, many people have been more dependent on technology, especially computers. Students of this generation have been exposed to modernization. The result of this is the dependency of students in technology, especially mobile phones.
Students claim that the convenience of mobile phones due to its size and features is what led them to become dependent. Mobile phones nowadays are much more complex than they used to be. Mobile companies have stepped up their game through adding features such as photo and video editor, adobe reader, PowerPoint presentation maker, etc.
Application developers have also introduced applications that help students do their tasks easier. How can students not be dependent with all these tempting features? There are different operating systems that provide these features to the phone. The two leading operating systems (OS) are the IOS which is exclusive for Apple users and the Android which is for phones that support Google services.
Technology is no doubt a necessity to several fields considering the innovative mindset of most people. The importance of technology in the classroom must not be taken lightly. It has indeed made students’ lives easier. There are also several online services which students avail to help them with their academic responsibilities. Students call assignment writing services such as CustomEssayMeister a life hack because it saves them a lot of time.
We have come a long way in terms of using technology and we must not forget to use it to our advantage and not fall to its temptations. Using technology can either be a stepping stone or a huge setback so teachers must guide students in using it properly and productively as early as possible.
Teachers must also consider the 7 ways of using tech gadgets to increase student engagement as a guide if they aren’t sure about introducing tech gadgets in the classroom.

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