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How to Set Up and Use and Apple TV

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Apple is a well-known brand that everyone is buying and even though its founder Steve Jobs has left this earth. It is still a favorite brand among many people, and most Apple users do not like to change to android after all those years of using Apple devices. It is some sort of interface that makes Apple users unable to switch to android after using apple for so long – it’s like an addiction or favoritism that makes them stick to apple forever.

So, how about Apple TV? Do people actually buy an Apple TV after they are able to get an LCD or LED TVs? Okay, let’s say you got one – How do we set up an Apple TV?

First, open up the Apple TV. If you need to use an HDMI cable, it doesn’t come in a package, you need to purchase it online or via the Apple Store. Next, connect your cables to the Apple TV and connect the TV on the power outlet. The TV will turn on with the Apple logo on the screen.

Next, select your region. You need to select your region as you will need to select the language that is desired. If you are in Europe, select English or your desired language. You need this setting for menus and these settings can change by using a remote controller. The buttons that control the settings would be the remote’s volume.
The device will then search for nearby Wi-Fi connections (if you are using Wi-Fi) If it isn’t Wi-Fi you are using and you are using Ethernet, there is a different setup; but let’s look at this one first. Find your home Wi-Fi and select it. Key in your password and click on “Done”. The Apple TV will connect to the Wi-Fi network immediately assuming that you have entered all the right information.

Likewise, you need to make an option on whether you want your device to send out any other crash information. If it is agreed, there will be data sent out if your TV crashes unexpectedly. But no worries, your personal data are still private and safe.

Furthermore, it is a must for setting for home sharing is turned on for your computer. This enables all content to be streamed from your library – iTunes library right to the device. Downloaded content will be obtained from the internet to the device, but streaming it from your computer is much easier. The end user gets the movies you rented out in iTunes as well. All is well, you might as well get the computer connected to the device as there are already tonnes of media on the computer. You must remember to sign on a similar account that you use for your iTunes.
First, we can use an iPhone for the remote for the TV. The TV’s original remote is too small and it is too difficult for typing words, so if there is an iPhone, use it instead. There is a downloadable application that can turn your iPhone into a remote, so if you have an iPhone, use an iPhone then. You can also use your iPad, but the iPad can be too bulky to be turned into a controller.

Next, make sure to subscribe to the HBO channel. Apple latest HBO has every single season, so if you are a fan of the series, make sure you get it! Make sure your device software is updated to its latest, then go make sure that you have an HBO account and sign in to your account.

Likewise, try jailbreaking your Apple TV. You need to have the first one or the second gen to jailbreak, the latest gen doesn’t offer one, but you get lots of access to other media and lots of good stuff when it is jailbroken. You just need the right process. Google and ye shall find.

Furthermore, you can rip your DVD library apart. Try to rip open the DVD image file from your DVD with your computer instead of streaming it to your Apple TV. Use the correct software to do it, then it will be fine.
Lastly, there might be a traffic jam while using Wi-Fi for streaming videos. Try using Ethernet cables to make your movies streaming smoothly all the time.

Tips. Before buying an Apple TV, make sure that you can get it at the best price and make sure that you know how to use it before purchasing it. Also, make sure that you know how to use it before buying an Apple TV. Always research before getting one. Make sure that you can afford it too.

How to use Apple TV

Take the first approach with Apple TV. Configure to Apple TV. Profit content
Ready to cut the cord and free yourself from this bombardment of commercials? With Apple TV, you can buy movies in high definition, listen to podcasts, stream Netflix, Hulu, and other videos, watch sports and even access to music and photos on your computer, all comfortably seated in your sofa.

Part 1: Make the first approach with the Apple TV

Unpack the Apple TV. Place it near your television, with access to power, and, if you are using a wired network (optional), to Ethernet port.
Do not place the Apple TV over your Apple TV, as this may cause overheating or interference with the wireless signal.

Note: this article wants to describe a direct connection to your television. If you use a transmitter, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions, although in general the transmitter simply prefers the Apple TV and your TV.
Apple TV so offers TOSLink audio output. If you are using it, connect one end of the TOSLink cable to the Apple TV and the other to the TOSLink digital audio input on your television.

Connect the Ethernet cable. If you are using a wired network, connect the Apple TV to the Ethernet ports with the correct cable.
The Apple TV has an 802.11 WiFi module that allows it to connect to your wireless network during installation.
Connect the power cord. Once the other connections are in place, plug the small end of the power cord into the Apple TV’s power port and the other end into a nearby power outlet.

Turn on your television. It’s time to dive into the world of Apple TV! Using your TV’s remote control, select the HDMI output that your Apple TV uses.
If this is the first time you have your Apple TV, you should see the setup screen. If this is not the case, check that everything is correct and that you have selected the correct video input.

    Part 2: Set up on Apple TV

    Get to know your Apple remote. You want to use all the functions of your Apple TV.
    1. Use the black ring to move up, down, left and right.
    2. The silver button in the middle of this ring is the “Select” button, with which you can select menu options, enter characters and more.
    3. The menu button brings up the menu or goes back to the previous screen.
    4. Press and hold the menu button to return to the main menu.
    Pressing and holding the menu button while watching a movie provides access to the subtitles.
    5. The play/pause button is just that!
    6. Press and hold the menu button and Down arrow to reset the Apple TV. During this operation, the status LED wants to flash quickly.
    7. To associate a remote control with Apple TV, press and hold the menu button and the right arrow for 6 seconds. This will prevent your Apple TV from being controlled by other remote controls.

Note that there is an App in the App Store (cleverly called “Remote”) that gives you all the features of the Apple Remote and more.
If you have an iPhone or iPad, this is an interesting extension for your Apple TV.
The Apple Remote is not a universal remote. To control the volume or other functions of your television, you will need to use your own remote control.

Connect your wireless network. Using the on-screen indications, select your wireless network from the menu. If your network is hidden, enter the name of your network. When your network is selected, enter your password when prompted, click OK.
If you are using DHCP for your network, you will need to assign IP address, subnet mask, router address and DNS address at that time.
Configure home sharing. To access music and videos from your computer using Apple TV, you will want to use Home Sharing.

Configure home sharing for your Apple TV. From the main menu, choose Settings, and select Home Sharing. Enter your Apple ID and password.
Set up home sharing on iTunes. From the File menu, select Home Sharing> Enable Home Sharing. Enter the same Apple ID and password that you used on the Apple TV.

Part 3: Enjoy the content

With iTunes on your Apple TV, you’ll have access to the latest high-resolution movies (1080p for the V3 and 720p for the V2). Using the on-screen browser, you can preview movies, rent them, or buy them for your own collection.
While virtually all iTunes content cannot be rented (only purchased) for the first few weeks after release on iTunes.
iTunes TV shows are available for purchase only, although you can subscribe to an entire season. The series is currently available on iTunes with one or two days of delay after their initial release.

Stream the content of your iOS devices. On some content, you can use AirPlay to remotely stream photos and videos stored on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. So you can use your TV as a giant screen for your iPhone 4S or iPad!

Use home sharing. With Home Sharing, you can browse and read your entire iTunes library. This includes all the playlists you have created, as well as the Genius function. You can see your photos using iPhoto on your computer or simply drag them to the Apple TV.
To access music, movies, photos, and videos from your Apple TV, click the “Computer” button on the main menu screen. All relevant content on your computer wants to be accessible from there.
To access all the music stored in iCloud using iTunes, press the orange “music” button on the main menu screen.

Look at Netflix or Hulu Plus. If you were born yesterday, as long as you have a Netflix or Hulu account. To access it, simply press the Huluou Netflix button in the main menu and then choose your preferences in the options available.
With an iOS device, first, download the Netflix app. Watching a movie on Netflix, you can comfortably watch it on your cozy bed, and if you fall asleep (which is not in the middle of an action scene), Turn off your TV, this will pause your Apple TV, then open Netflix on your iOS mobile device. The movie wants to continue where you stopped it. This service is also available with Hulu +.

Share the lives of others. Check out YouTube, Vimeo, and Flickr from the main menu. There is a whole world of user-created content that can be accessed in one click.

    Necessary elements:

    • To Apple TV
    • HDTV with HDMI input, capable of 720p or 1080i resolution
    • To HDMI cable to connect directly to a TV or 2 HDMI cables if you connect to a transmitter first
    • A network (WiFi is recommended, at least 802.11g)
    • The name and password of the network
    • To Internet connection
    • Get an iTunes account to rent and buy movies
    • If streaming becomes jerky, try resetting Apple TV from the menu or simply disconnect the power for a few seconds and reconnect it.
    • Use iTunes or iPhoto to set up folders for slideshows.
    • If you turn on your television and cannot find a signal, press any button on the remote control. Apple TV goes into sleep mode and presses a button to wake up.

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