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Razer DeathAdder Elite vs Chroma – Review and Comparison

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The Razer DeathAdder is Herculean of the PC these days. This is highly recommended and regarded device, especially by the gamers. It is definitely one of the top-selling gaming peripheral. This triple-headed snake mark is one of the most recognizable logos all over the globe.

With a huge fan base, this company has made a revolution in terms of hardware, software, and many other services. Razer has manufactured some award-winning gaming devices and its software platform has over 50 million users. Thus, all this makes it a highly reputed brand for youth and millennials.

Razer has a wide range of mice and laptops, which are enough to confuse even a wise person. However, the most common confusion for gamers who choose DeathAdder. The first question to persist in their minds is which version of DeathAdder is better? Is it the DeathAdder Elitee or DeathAdder Chroma?

In this article, you will see a comparison between these two versions, which will help you in choosing the best one for you.
Before moving further, the first basic thing you must know about is their releasing time. DeathAdder Chroma came in 2014 and DeathAdder Elite hit the markets in 2017. Therefore, this gap of three years does make a huge difference in terms of their features, functionality, and durability.
Now we will compare every feature of these mice and with this comparison, you can make a good choice with no future regrets.

Razer DeathAdder Elite vs Chroma: Comparisons in Features and Specifications


Razer knows what its customers want and thus they always manufacture their mice with special sensors. Taking about Elite, it has the PMW3389, esports grade optical sensors, which allows 16,000 DPI with a resolution of 99.4% accuracy. Engineered with high standards of speed and accuracy, thus, this powerful mouse has crushed its many competitors. Although it has great optics what has annoyed the customers most is its resolution. As the same is found in the Logitech and Zowie mouse.

As for Chroma, it has a slightly older version of optics, 3989. It supports only 10,000 DPI. Not only there is a difference of sensors but also, Elite has solved the problem of tilt slamming.

Tilt slamming happens when a user quickly lifts the mouse and use it either direction. This can be a problematic issue if you ten to swipe your mouse a lot. Thus, Elite has good sensors with no tilt slamming, so it clearly wins the sensors category.


One of the major reasons for Razer’s popularity is its shape. Razer manufactures their mice with a firm grip shape that can fit easily into the hands of anybody. You will a deep thumb groove at the side of the buttons and the hump in the middle shell to provide a firm grip whether you are a fingertip user, palm grip user or a claw grip user.

DeathAdder made its mice from medium to larger to fit into both smaller and larger hands. They both carry a weight of 98 grams. Overall, Razer did not make any changes in the shape, size, and weight of both these mice, so there is nothing to compare in this category. As Elite has better sensors, so Elite is still in the lead.


Both the mice rebuilt with Omron switches, which re believed to be the best in today’s market. They both have tactile buttons with average travel time.
For Elite, it is experienced that buttons have higher life span than Chroma. They are not separated from their shell if you keep this point as a reference then Elite score more.

However, Chroma has many issues when it comes to the durability of the buttons. Many have a complaint about its double clicking. The Razer forum is actually filled with the same complaint. Elite seems to have solved this problem too. When users were pressing button one or button two they were facing the problem of double-clicking in the case of Chroma but Razer has changed a lot in Elite.

Moreover, Razer has added a textured feel to Elite, this might not be important but in the case of sweaty hands, it can help you to grip the mouse more firmly. Not only it has tactile buttons but also they are far more responsive than Chroma, whose buttons were said to wobble while using.

On coming to scroll wheel, it has a good lift in the Elite version. It is forged with the textured wheel to allow a firm grip for its users. The wheel gives you a feeling, as there is less tension as compared to Chroma and also in Elite its notches are less pronounced.
Last but not least, Elite mouse has DPI buttons on top, which means you can easily alter your DPI as compared to Chroma.
With such handsome features of the buttons, DeathAdder Elite has once again over DeathAdder Chroma.

Add on features

Elite and Chroma have a difference of three years but this difference is huge enough to make a better choice. To provide its users with an improved glide, Elite is made with wider feet.
Not much difference persists in their RGB lighting thus, it is not a deciding factor between these two models.
One of the most important factors, which normally buyers miss, is the flexibility of the wire, the more flexible the wire is the longer is its durability. DeathAdder Elite definitely has a more flexible wire.

Final words

Overall Razer DeathAdder Elite is a more re-defined version of DeathAdder Chroma with few enhanced features like in buttons, durability, RGB lighting and mouse wire. However, the major difference between the two is of the sensors. However, apart from sensors, Razer has equipped Elite with some other exciting features like a better grip, smoothly textured buttons, and better DPI buttons.
Hence, if you are a die-hard fan of razer and wants to pick from these two then razer DeathAdder Elite would prove to be your perfect choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What DPI is the Razer DeathAdder?
DPI in the Razer DeathAdder comes in four DPI default settings- 450, 900, 1800 and 3500. Users also get an option to adjust the DPI in one or both the mouse buttons.

2. How much does the Razer DeathAdder weigh?
DeathAdder weighs from 98 grams to 103 grams.

3. Which is the best Razer mouse?
Razer DeathAdder Elite is reviewed as the top gaming mouse including Logitech G903 and G203. Apart from this Chroma is also a great gaming periphery in the budget.

4. How many clicks does a Razer DeathAdder have?
The DeathAdder mice are made with Omron switches allowing its users up to 50 million clicks whereas other manufacturers allow only 20 million clicks.

5. Is the Razer DeathAdder Elite Compatible with MAC OS?
As Mac uses Intel processors, so yes DeathAdder Elite is compatible with Mac OS.

6. Does the Razer Chroma have brighter and colorful RGB lighting?
Razer Chroma has some brilliant hues and offers its users a full spectrum offering around 16.8 million choices.

7. Should I upgrade my Razer DeathAdder Chroma to Razer DeathAdder Elite?
Yes, if you want to use a mouse with great sensors and RGB lighting then you should definitely upgrade from DeathAdder Chroma to DeathAdder Elite.

8. How much does a Razer mouse cost?
A good Razer mouse costs from $49 to $69.

9. How heavy is the DeathAdder Chroma?
DeathAdder Chroma mouse weighs 103 grams or 0.23 lbs.

10. How do I reset my DeathAdder Chroma?
In order to reset your DeathAdder Chroma you need to first, plug in the mouse then place it on a flat surface and press and hold the left, middle and right, i.e. M1, Scroll wheel and M2 respectively for 5 seconds. This procedure will reset your mouse and after resetting you can reset the surface calibration Synapse 2.0.

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