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How to Pair a Speaker To Different Devices

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image of a speaker

1. How To Connect Bluetooth Speaker To Laptop?

Here is the simple process of connecting a Bluetooth speaker to the laptop;
• Power on the speaker first and then switch on the Bluetooth by holding or just clicking the Bluetooth button. (some modern speaker might come with a display so you can switch on through its setting or Bluetooth option).
• Then bring the speaker close to the laptop as it is required during pairing processing.
• Then switch on your laptop and go to the settings by clicking on your Windows 10 button located at the left bottom corner.
• After opening the settings, you will find the device option on the top row.
• Now click on the device and then you will find Bluetooth option in this list.
• Under the manage Bluetooth device, just slide the bar to switch on the Bluetooth.
• In this phase, you will have to press the pairing button on your speaker which assist the speaker in searching for other Bluetooth devices. However, all speaker might not come with a dedicated pair button so go through switches carefully before proceeding with the process.
• Now again go to the add Bluetooth or other device option in the device menu in your Windows 10 laptop.
• In the manage Bluetooth device page, you will find the name of your speaker, and you will just have to click the pair button to start your music streaming.
For Apple Laptop;
• You need first to click the Bluetooth button located on the top or find it in Bluetooth page under system preferences menu.
• Then open the Bluetooth preference page and turn on the Bluetooth option.
• So when your speaker is in pairing mode, you will find the name of your speaker under the device tab.
• Just click on the pair button to connect your laptop.

2. How To Connect iLIVE Bluetooth Speaker?

Most of the iLIVE Bluetooth speaker carry the same kind of layout, so we have created the processing based on that basis;
• First, you need to switch on the device with which you want to connect the iLIVE Bluetooth speaker.

• After switching on the device, now turn on the Bluetooth of that device. If you want to connect it to your smartphone, then you will find the Bluetooth option under the settings menu. However, if you’re going to connect it to your laptop, then you need to switch it on by going Device option through your setting. After opening the Device menu you will find Bluetooth tab, and under that, you will get the “ON” option.

• Once your device is ready for pairing, it is time to move to the iLIVE Bluetooth speaker. First, switch on the power the device by sliding the bar to ON position.
• Then hold the Pair button located on the rear until the Bluetooth indicator light starts blinking.
• In this step, you have to pair the speaker with your device. To accomplish it you have to go to the Bluetooth device where you will find the ISB33 device name.
• Click on pair and type the password “0000” to complete the pairing process.

3. How To Connect Alexa To a Bluetooth Speaker?

Well, connecting Alexa to your Bluetooth speaker is pretty simple, and you need to follow some step to accomplish the goal. Let’s take a look at them;

• Start by switching on the Bluetooth speaker and then turn on the Bluetooth of the speaker. Then press the button for some time which will set the speaker in pairing mode. However, some models might follow some other method so follow the manuals.

• Now download the Alexa app on your phone or if you have already had the app then skip this process.
• Then open the Alexa app and click on the settings located under the menu or drag down the screen you will find the setting option.
• Now under settings, you need to select your Amazing device which might come under the alias you have given it.
• Then tap on your device and go to the Bluetooth settings.
• When you enter the Bluetooth page, you will find the name of your Bluetooth speaker in the list of devices. However, if you don’t see the name of your device, then again try to put the Bluetooth into pairing mode.
• Press the pair a new device button located at the bottom.
• When the connection is made, Alexa will say “Now connected to a given speaker.”

4. How to Pair JBL Speaker?

Whether you are pairing a new JBL speaker like Flip 4 or want to pair your old like Clip 3, the process is almost the same. So let’s start with it;

• Turn on your JBL speaker and switch on the Bluetooth of your JBL device. If your speaker hasn’t been connected to Bluetooth, then as soon as the Bluetooth is switched on, it will automatically go to pairing mode. However, if it doesn’t happen, then hold the Bluetooth button around 3 seconds, you will find the LED light will start blinking.
• Then turn on the Bluetooth on your smartphone, and it will be located under settings in the drop-down menu or standard menu screen. In the settings menu, you need to tap Bluetooth where you will find all nearby Bluetooth devices. When you find the name, tap on the pair new device button, and you will be ready to groove.
• However, if you are using an iPhone, then the process is similar, and Bluetooth is located in the settings tab. However here you have to look for the speaker under other devices tab.

• Similarly for laptop, just go to the Bluetooth and other devices in the system menu, and you will find the list of all Bluetooth devices. Then click on Add a device, and it will get automatically connected.

5. How To Connect Bluetooth Speaker To PC?

It is super easy to hook your Bluetooth speaker to your PC, but first, you need to make sure you have Bluetooth facility in your PC. Check out how you can install Bluetooth and connect your speaker;
• First, install the Bluetooth device in your PC, and you probably won’t need external software to install it. You just have to locate the device, and it will automatically appear in your taskbar.
• You need to switch on the Bluetooth speaker first and put it in pairing mode by holding its Bluetooth button.
• If you have Windows 7 PC, then you need to go Bluetooth through the control panel and select Change Bluetooth settings. Then click the tick box to enable the PC discoverable by Bluetooth devices. Then go to the device and printers tab in the control panel. Under the tab, you need to click add a device where you will find your Bluetooth speaker.

• For Windows 10, the process is similar, and here you need to go to the settings and then the “device” page where you will find Bluetooth option. Click on the Bluetooth, and you will get Bluetooth device list tab. Then you need to switch on the Bluetooth, and under the device list, the speaker will automatically appear.

6. How To Connect To iHome Speaker?

It takes only a few minutes to connect your iHome speaker to your desired device. Just follow a few steps, and you will ready to stream music in your iHome model.
• To start with the process, first, switch on your iHome speaker and then press the pairing button located on your speaker. You should hold the button until pairing, and Bluetooth light begins to blink. Different models have a different location for the pairing button, so you should locate it using your manual.

• Now open your MacBook or Mac OS PC and head to the system preference located in the menu or dock. Then click on “internet and wireless” section where you will find Bluetooth tab.
• Then click on the Set Up New Device button under the Bluetooth tab.
• After the above step, another page will appear where you will find the name of your iHome speaker’s name in the list. Just click on continue to go to the final step.
• Now you will be prompted to input the passcode of the speaker. If you don’t have the code, then you will surely find it in the manual book.
• Lastly, press the mode button to switch to Bluetooth mode in the speaker.

7. How To Connect To Sonos Speaker?

Here is a simple process to connect your Sonos Speaker (read about party speakers) to your smartphone;
• First, you need to download the Sonos application from the App store or play store without any cost.
• Then you need to make an account in the Sonos app which can be done by providing standard credentials.
• Once you are done with the account creation, you will be prompted with the option of what type of setup you are planning to opt. If you want to connect the speaker over Wi-Fi, then you need to select the Standard Setup. However, if you are thinking of setup through Ethernet, then opt for the Boost setup.
• Now press Next to start adding the new Sonos speaker.
• Before carrying on the previous step, you should power on the speaker and wait for the green light to flash.
• Remember to keep the Sonos speaker near the Wi-Fi as keeping it far away might cause relay and degradation in quality.
• After you press Next, the app will automatically look for Sonos speaker connected in the same Wi-Fi.
• After selecting the speaker, you are ready to play music through your smartphone.

8. How To Install Component Speaker?
The component speaker is a set that is made up of a speaker, tweeter and a crossover and the installation process is quite lengthy but extremely easy. Before starting the process, arrange wire ties, screwdriver, jigsaw, wire stripper, heat gun, socket, knife, soft cloth, wrench, clip remover, drill, soldering gun, and wire cutter. So take a look at its installation process;

• Begin with installing the crossover in the car, and it should be placed where there are minimal vibration and any moving part. You can put it under the seat or near speaker which will be beneficial. To connect it, you can use stock wiring for connection.

• Then you have to start with installing the tweeter, and the ideal place to install them is dashboard or sail panel with surface mount. However, you can opt for angle mount or flush mount, but you need to alter the car’s decor. You should add the tweeter along with crossover by binding the cable input section to the primary power. Make sure the high-frequency hire should go to the tweeter.

• After tweeter, comes the mid-range speaker and it should be installed within 2feet of the tweet. To keep it close, you opt for the door or kick panel to install them as it will be close and offer distortion-free music. You can choose for surface mount; otherwise, you will have to make a lot of drills.

• Now comes the time to install the final equipment which is subwoofer and you should choose the size depending upon the size of your car. To get the bass experience, it would be ideal for placing them in the trunk as surface mount or flush mount. You can also put it under the seat to save space. The subwoofer should be connected with an amplifier as well as a crossover.

• All the installation process should be done by cutting down the central power, or else it might disrupt the whole wiring.

9. How To Reset Bose Speaker?

Facing issue with your Bose speaker? Don’t know how to solve this issue? Well resetting the speaker is the easiest option. Here we have laid down the steps to reset different Bose speaker as different models have various reset process. However, resetting the speaker will not only clear the paired devices but also reset the language settings. So let’s look at all the methods;

• SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker II – First switch on the speaker and then hold the power button for a minimum of ten seconds. The speaker will turn off, and it will automatically reset the settings.

• SoundLink Color – In this speaker, you need to hold the Aux and Volume down button together for ten but after switching on the device. After 10 seconds it will reset the settings.

• SoundLink Revolve – After switching on the speaker, hold the power button for minimum ten until it restarts. After it restarts, it will reset all the saved settings.
• SoundLink Mini – For models like Mini, the process is little different. Here you will have to hold the Mute button for ten seconds after switching on the device. After a pause, the speaker will reset itself.

10. How To Pair Echo Dot With Bluetooth Speaker?

Getting your Echo Dot paired with Bluetooth speaker is exceptionally straightforward, and you can accomplish it in no time. Let’s check out;
• First, connect your Echo Dot to the Wi-Fi network so that it can get assistance from the system.
• Then power on the speaker and put it in pairing mode by holding the Bluetooth button for at least 3 seconds.
• Then for the manual process, open the Alexa App in your smartphone and open the settings option in the phone.
• Under the Alexa devices tab, you will find the Echo Dot and then tap on it.
• Under Echo Dot tab, you will get the Bluetooth option. When you enter the Bluetooth device page, you will the name of your speaker in that list, and you just have to press Pair a New Device.

• However, for the automatic process, you can just say ” Alexa, pair speaker ” or “Alexa, pair.” It will automatically search for Bluetooth speaker for pairing.
• Now it will find the speaker within a few seconds, and it will respond by saying ” Now connected to your Echo Dot.” It might ask for the passcode if your speaker has any pairing passcode.

11. How To Pair Sonos Speaker?

If you are looking to pair Sonos speaker then you have come to the right place as we have laid out the steps for you in a simple manner;
• In the beginning, open the Sonos app on your smartphone.
• Go to the more screen where you need to select the settings option.
• In this step, you need to add the new Sonos speaker to the existing system. After reaching setting page, you will have to tap the Add a Player or Sub-option.
• Before moving the add a new speaker option, you need switch on the speaker.
• Then press Next.
• After click next, a green light will pop on your speaker, and after that, you need to click on Continue.
• Then Sonos will start looking for speakers compatible with its system. During this time, you will get a lot of option for setup so you should choose according to your requirement.
• While Sonos look for other pairs, you need to find the pairing button and press it which will make it discoverable.
• So after it finds the speaker, you just have to press next and again next.
• Lastly, the press continues to complete the tuning process, and you will be ready with your system.

12. How To Pair Jam Wireless Speaker?

Check out how you can easily pair Jam wireless speaker with your smartphone;
• You need to first switch on the Jam speaker and start with the pairing process. However, if you have already paired it with another device, then you need to reset it as it only matches with a single device. To reset, you need to insert a pin in its reset hole and press it for minimum 5 seconds. After this switch on and switch off the speaker for a couple of times, and then it will clear its pairing list.

• Now it is time to switch on the Bluetooth of the speaker. To switch it on, you need to hold the power button for 5 seconds. After 5 seconds a blue light will indicate the Bluetooth.
• Now switch on the Bluetooth on your and search for nearby devices.
• At the same time, you have to hold the play button and + volume button to put it in the pairing mode.
• You will find the device name on your phone, and you have to press the pair device option.

13. How To Connect Speaker To TV?

Hooking a speaker with a TV is a straightforward process, and you need a single cable to establish the connection;
• First, arrange a long RCA cable or stereo audio cable with one red and one white head. However, you can opt for a 4-6ft cable that is usually available.
• Before connection, place the speaker near the TV as it will offer a compact setup and also minimize the loss of signal.

• When you are about to start, make sure both the device is in off position.
• Now first located the audio out jack in your TV which is mostly located in the rear or side of the TV. During connection, you should ensure that the cables are connected to the appropriate ports like the white cable should go to the white port and vice versa.
• Then hook the other end of the RCA or audio cable to the input port of the speaker. The audio ports placement may vary in the speakers, and for assistance, you can consult the manual book. Similar to TV, here you should connect the red cable to red port and white cable to white one.
• Then switch on both the devices simultaneously. You might have to fiddle with the audio settings to change the audio output.

14. How To Pair Insignia Bluetooth Speaker?

Pairing Insignia speaker is simple as other speakers, but the functionality of the speaker is slightly different. So we have properly narrated the process to pair Insignia speaker;
• Switch on the Bluetooth of the device with which you want to pair the Insignia speaker.
• Then press and hold the power button of the speaker which will switch on the device as well as its Bluetooth. The Bluetooth LED will start blinking, and it indicates that your speaker is in pairing mode. However some models might come with separate Bluetooth button so to put it in pairing mode, you have to hold the button for five seconds.

• Go to the Bluetooth device list in your equipment and look for the name of the speaker. Always make sure the speaker is within a 10m radius of the speaker; otherwise, you will have an issue with connectivity.
• When you find the name, you have to press add a new device or pair button, and it will automatically pair the speaker. After the pairing is successful, the blue LED light will stop blinking.
• You might be asked password during the pairing process, and you will have put “0000” as the password.

15. How To Install Ceiling Speaker?

The process of installing might seem hectic in the first place but once you start your perception will change as we have simplified the process.
• First gather tools like stud finder, level, pencil, tape, keyhole saw, wire cutter, screwdriver, and a box cutter.
• Then mark the location where you want to install the ceiling speaker, and the area should be accessible so that you can opt for proper wiring. Use a pencil to mark the needed space for installation. Before cutting the area with a keyhole saw, use the box cutter to score the wall as it will become easy for you.
• Then slowly cut the ceiling area using keyhole saw and you should be while cutting the specified area.
• Make sure the ceiling has proper depth so that you can comfortably fit the speaker. Push gently until it properly fits and then tightens the outer areas with screws.

• Then remove the grill and connect all the cables with power connection located in the ceiling. Seal that junction proper with electrical tape and put them back into the roof.
• Put the grill back into its position and connect the audio cable so that you can start enjoying your music.

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