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Logitech G305 vs G403 vs G502 vs G703 : In-depth Review and Comparison

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1. Logitech G305 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech G305 vs G403 vs G502 vs G703 : In-depth Review and Comparison 1

Gaming requires a high-performance wireless mouse to be effective, and enjoy the game thoroughly. Logitech G305 is in its right one of the best wireless gaming mouse that isn’t too expensive. You know how difficult it can be to find a quality wireless mouse with high-speed gaming performance and which isn’t too expensive. It is almost like a blessing in disguise.

The gaming mouse features Logitech gaming software that allows you to customize every button on the mouse. There are six buttons, and you can assign different functions according to preference.

Towards the rear is the G logo, which lights up to the delight of gamers. Unfortunately, you cannot customize the LED lighting. Customization is only limited to the buttons.

Of course, there is gaming mouse out there that have more options than what G305 offers. However, for the price and the quality, this is a decent acquisition for any gaming enthusiast. Its sensor is the famous PWM3366.

Logitech claims that the only takes one millisecond to get a response which is almost the same time that you click the mouse. And while it would be difficult to measure such as speed, you can tell right away that you are dealing with high performance and high-speed wireless mouse. Somethings are not hard to understand, especially for people that have been using them for a long time.

The range of the resolution is between 100dpi and 12,000dpi. In that context, you should not expect it to flaunt the same flexibility of Razer Mamba with a resolution of up to 16,000dpi. But these numbers may not mean much as you would not bother tracking the speed in any way. Such figures only prove essential when comparing the specs of your device with that of your friend.

You will find that the mouse resolution may not be so crucial across a section of gamers. To them, isolation and tracking speed is more important.

Expect speed of up to 400 inches per second for accurate track movement by the mouse.

The device has a single AA battery with a capacity of up to 250 hours. Mostly, this may be enough juice for some gamers that spend a significant amount of time playing. But still, it may not be enough for some others. Some players spend a considerable amount of time that 250 hours is too little.

The battery life of 250 hours is when the device is set on the default LGS mode. According to Logitech, you can set it to Endurance mode and increase battery life to a whopping nine months. However, it increases the latency from 1 millisecond to 8 ms. as a trade-off.

The difference between the two modes is not indistinguishable. You will notice that the endurance mode has a small lag on the screen.

The battery is not rechargeable, and you may need to purchase another battery after the 250 hours. Once the cell passes 15% mark, a small red light flashes under the sensitivity button. It is at this time that you replace the disposable battery.

The inclusion of battery adds some weight to the mouse. It is a little heavy than if it is used a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. However, you can still use Li-ion batteries, and reduce the weight a bit.

It does not also have Bluetooth connectivity. The lack of Bluetooth connectivity is a disadvantage as many devices these days boast such connectivity as a mainstay feature.

You will love the performance of Logitech 305 more than its aesthetic appeal. It’s a real attractiveness is in its performance rather than the outside design. Some people may take it for granted by looking at it but change their mind quickly once they lay their hand on it. The matte black finish, and the curves it’s not what you can refer to as breathtaking. In my opinion, other peers perform better in that aspect.

The classic design is what I can refer to as ergonomic. It is easy to handle, and lightweight as well. And as such, it has optimal maneuverability that makes it fun to use. It is symmetrical in shape, and the battery compartment is under the palm rest. And as you would expect, it does not have a charging port.

Everything on this mouse looks nice, and there’s nothing that seems out of place. However, the buttons are designed for right-hand users. Regardless, they are tactile, precise and sharp. The screen button is as sharp as the buttons.

Getting used to it may take some time, but after that, everything becomes easy.

For some people, it may take some time to get used to the mouse. However, it becomes fun once you customize the controls and you get used to the lightweight design.

The sensor that the G-series use is one of the best on the market. It is accurate and does not have any filtering or smoothing. The sensor is fast and power efficient.

The software is one of the easiest to use and has been the gold standard for devices. Everything is straightforward and focused on usability. You have the option of using the single profile loaded in the mouse or changing it according to preference and needs.

You would expect some tradeoffs to make up for the low-latency, wireless gaming, and big resolution mouse. For once, the mouse does not have Bluetooth, no rechargeable battery and has fewer buttons. Logitech 305 is for games looking to save some money on a decent wireless mouse.


• 1 ms speed
• Compatible with Chrome OS, Windows 7 and later, macOS 10.11 and later
• Weight: 3.42 ounces
• Product dimensions: 2.5 x 1.5 x 4.6 inches
• Batteries: 1 AA batteries

  • i. High-performance gaming mouse
  • ii. Affordable and quality
  • iii. Lightweight and ergonomic design that makes it easy to handle
  • Attractive design
  • iv. The response time of 1 ms which is better than the wire devices
  • v. User-friendly software
  • i. 250 hours battery life may not be sufficient for some gamers
  • ii. Does not have Bluetooth connectivity

iii. See What the Customers are Saying


How to make G305 lighter

One of the easiest ways to make G305 lighter is by changing the battery to a lithium ion. The trick is always changing to a lighter battery.

How to setup/ connect G305

To connect the mouse, use the included USB receiver to the computer. But before doing so, make sure to install AA battery in the mouse. You will find the Lightspeed receiver in the battery cage. Remove the receiver so that you can connect it to the computer. You can then install the battery.

Using a USB port, connect the receiver to the computer. You can choose to connect it directly or use a cable.

Make sure the receiver, as well as the mouse, is about 2 meters away from other wireless devices and routers.

Logitech G305 how to change DPI?

You’re going to need Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) 9. 0 software to make the necessary changes. Typically, there are two modes, and you can use either of them. The first one is automatic game detection and the second one is onboard memory mode.

Using automatic game detection, go to the home screen and select the Automatic Game Detection option. Click on the glowing gear icon and a window will appear.

You are going to find DPI settings under this Customize Pointer Settings window. You can change the DPI settings up to 5 levels. That is from 200, in 50 DPI increments to 12000. Drag the marks along the graph according to the preferred level. You can as well type in the figure between 200 and 12000.

2. Logitech G403 Prodigy RGB Gaming Mouse and Logitech G403 Wireless Gaming Mouse with High-Performance Gaming Sensor

Logitech G305 vs G403 vs G502 vs G703 : In-depth Review and Comparison 2

The design of both the Logitech G403 wireless and wired version is similar. It is comfortable and has a great feel on the palm. Both versions are what you may refer to as almost perfect. In a real sense, Logitech is getting closer to an ideal gaming mouse, and the G403 is the best indicator towards that goal.

Most people identify gaming mice by their exotic designs. However, Logitech keeps everything classic for that natural and familiar look. It is the kind of mouse that you can use in the office and not attract funny glances. The slightly tapered buttons are marvelous.

Logitech G403 slides smoothly on various surfaces. The RGB LEDs under the scroll wheel and G logo resonate with other gaming gear, and it creates a beautiful spectacle. This lighting is customizable using the Logitech gaming software.

The love affair between the gamers and LED lights started when the Computer cases came with beautiful lighting. As a result, the manufacturers of gaming mice have felt the pressure to produce peripheral with LED lighting. In the majority of cases, this lighting is customizable.

The LED lighting on G403 has a soft overlay, and it is not too showy. It is what you can refer to as average. Some of us don’t want a situation where the lighting would serve as a distraction.

The mice are for people that want a decent gaming mouse without having to commit too much. Both of them are budget-friendly in comparison to the competition.

Both wired and wireless versions come with standard packaging where everything is organized and nicely done. Logitech wraps the wire around very nicely which means that you will not find any kinks.

The wired version is about 88 grams without the bottom covering. If you add the recovering, the total weight comes to 90 grams. The function of the outer covering is to create a balance. Therefore, it is always best to leave it in.

The wireless version is more substantial than the wired version, and it weighs around 116 grams.

There are two buttons on the left and nothing on the right, and the comfort grooves on the bottoms look very lovely and feel exceptional. The sloping of the bottoms is gradual to accommodate a variety of gripping styles. Also, the overall shape allows easy gripping and does not dictate how you do it.

The positioning of the two buttons is excellent, and it avoids accidental clicks. The left and right click buttons feel snappy and sharp. They are a joy to use.

The matte finish is great to look at and does not leave any fingerprints. It makes the mouse look exceptionally professional.

It can take some time before you feel comfortable using it but eventually, it gets easier and comfortable. However, I feel that the design could do with some improvements to make it better and more efficient.

The two prodigy versions are comfortable and ideal for beginners. It is important to note however that some gamers that they have a bit of learning curve than the others.

The design of the two mice is almost like the RazerDeathAdder and also feels like it. Logitech has done exceptionally with this design, but it falls behind in comparison to the company’s G502 Proteus Spectrum.

Everything in terms of buttons is simple and using them as a walk in the park. However, I feel that the thumb buttons are not as good as G502 Proteus Spectrum. There still room for improvement.

Some gamers Say that the mouse tends to produce a buzzing sound when you tap it against a flat surface such as a table top. This may not be a thing that you need to worry about as it is as a result of tension springs under the buttons.

And similar to any other Logitech gaming peripheral, the gaming mice run on the easy-to-use and robust software. Over the years, Logitech gaming software has gradually become the gold standard for gaming peripherals. It is easy to use, versatile and does not demand a lot in terms of resources from the system memory.

Using the software, you can easily program the buttons, vary the DPI settings, Fine-tune the illumination color, change the profile, and monitor the battery life on the wireless version.

It is important to note that the mouse has three onboard profiles that you can quickly choose from n start the gaming. These profiles are perfect for gamers getting their feet wet.

The performance of the wireless sensor is exceptional and comparable to other top gaming mice on the market. Typically, the sensor is the standard feature of the G403. It boasts a capacity of sending up to 1000 reports per second. In comparison to its peers, we can comfortably say that it is one of the best. Sometimes the figures indicate the level of exceptionality in a product. Nothing says it better than the sensor in G403.

You can change the sensitivity settings using the button beside the scroll wheel. Different games may require different settings and the sensitivity settings are ideal in making that possible. Astute gamers know that certain games need a certain level of sensitivity that is entirely different from the others.

Its performance is outstanding, especially on the online multiplayer games. The mouse is also perfect on popular games such as StarCraft II, and Overdraft. Programmable buttons made it even easier on such games like StarCraft.

And if you are wondering whether there is a better mouse out there, then you may want to consider G Pro. Essentially, G Pro may be a cheaper alternative to G403.


• Compatibility: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and later
• Programmable buttons: 6
• Item dimensions: 1.7 x 2.7 x 4.9 inches
• Batteries for the wireless version: 1 Lithium Polymer batteries

  • i. Intuitive and user-friendly software
  • ii. Relatively attractive design
  • iii. Has a comfortable grip
  • iv. Six easy to use buttons
  • v. Lightweight and smooth movement
  • i. The thumb buttons may be uncomfortable for people with big thumbs
  • ii. May not be the best beginner-friendly mouse

iii. See What the Customers are Saying

Is the G403 wireless?

There is a wireless and wired version. You can choose any of them according to preference and needs.

What sensor does the G403 use?

G403 uses the highly popular Pixart PMW3366. This sensor is in the same class as PWM3360.

How do I program my Logitech G403?

You are going to use Logitech gaming software to customize G403.

Open the Logitech gaming software and navigate to ‘customized buttons.’

Choose the icon of the item that you want to customize, and it will be highlighted in the blue bar above it. The software will detect the games installed and create a profile for each of them. However, you are free to create profiles for any other games you choose.

Drag an existing command to a particular profile it will highlight the configuration buttons. Drop the command on the bottom that he wants to customize.

Alternatively, you can right click on the button that you want to customize and select Edit Command. The edit menu will appear, and you can assign such commands as multi-key, keystroke, mouse functions, text block, hotkeys, media, functions, and shortcuts.

How do I change the DPI on my Logitech G403?

Open Logitech Gaming software and select ‘Customize Pointer Settings.’ A window will appear and under advanced settings click on ‘Enable per profile pointer settings.’

On the profile area that appears, choose the report rates and DPI levels according to preference. As long as “Enable per profile pointer settings” is selected, your settings will apply.

Is Logitech G403 good for CS:GO?

Counter-strike: global offensive as one of the most popular and exciting games out there. Getting the right peripherals and hardware to run this game effectively can sometimes prove an uphill task.

Logitech G403 is an excellent mouse with customizable settings and LED lighting that may prove useful on the game. However, there have been complaints regarding the scrolling function. It is not the best. Overall, G403 is a decent choice.

Some of the features that you may need to look out for when choosing the best gaming mice for cs: go include

• Configuration sensibility
• Efficient sensor
• Comfort
• A good response time which in most cases is 1 ms
• Easy-to-use buttons

Logitech G403 ticks all the boxes in that regard.

Where to buy Logitech G403?

You can conveniently get the gaming mouse from the various online marketplaces such as Amazon. Your local computer and peripherals shop may also have them in stock.

What is DPI in Logitech G403?

The DPI of a Logitech G403 is between 400 and 3200.

How to open Logitech g403?

Press on the round button underneath the end of the clip below the button. Your Logitech G403 should open without a problem.

How to clean Logitech G403?

Make sure the mouse is turned off and unplug it from the computer. Remove the batteries and refrain from using any abrasives or solvents. No liquid should be near the device.

Use a lint free cloth and lens cleaner to wipe down the mouse gently.

You are free to use antibacterial wipes or isopropyl alcohol. However, it is essential to make sure that the wipes and alcohol do not cause discoloration or remove the lettering on the keyboard or mouse buttons. Test the substance elsewhere before you can use it.

How to change the color of Logitech G403?

To change the color of Logitech g403, you will need LGS software that is later than 8.94. If you don’t have the latest version, you can always download it from the Logitech website.

Before you can make any changes, make sure that the mouse is connected to the system. That can be through the USB or the provided USB connector for wireless devices. Launch the software and choose between the onboard Memory and automatic game detection.

Then select the lightings settings from the menu.

Using the automatic game mode, you can change the lighting on the scroll wheel and the logo. You can also disable the lighting if you choose to.

Under the lighting effect, you can choose the breathing of the light on the logo as well as the scroll wheel. You can select one or both of them. If you choose one, the other will remain on a solid color. To change the brightness on the rate of breathing, use the slider and drag it until you reach the appropriate level. Make the changes according to preference.

On the left, there is a color selector that you can easily use to make the necessary changes. Even better, you can customize the stock color to match your preference.

3. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse

Logitech G305 vs G403 vs G502 vs G703 : In-depth Review and Comparison 3

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is without a doubt one of the bestselling gaming mice. It has an appealing design that resonates with any gamer. We might as well add that it is budget friendly.

For this gaming mouse, you are going to need MicrosoftWindows 7 or a later Microsoft operating system.

The PMW3366 optical sensor has a range of up to 12000 DPI which you can vary in increments of 50 DPI from 200 DPI. It comes with a decent maximum acceleration of 40Gs. The gaming mouse has an outstanding speed of 300 inches per seconds, which is without a doubt one of the best.

The report rate is 1ms.

It has an ergonomic design that makes the mouse easy to hold. The textured grip and section enhances your hold on the mouse and prevents it from slipping. And while the contoured surface for your thumb feels nice, the textured grip can be distracting at first. However, your hand eventually gets used to it.

In terms of size, the mouse feels small, and I think it would have been appropriate if it had a bigger arc.

And unlike its predecessors, the mouse has up to 11 programmable buttons. Just ahead of your thumb rest, there are DPI settings buttons that allow you to set the DPI to its lowest settings. Above the thumb rest, you are going to find two buttons for forwarding and backward movement. And while the forward is easy to reach, the back one is not and feels it would have been better if it was a little closer to the forward. If you are like me, then it is best to program it for non-gaming functions.

The mouse allows you to adjust the sensitivity, but you can tweak it using the Logitech gaming software. Using the software may be more comfortable, and may have more options to play with.

You don’t have to worry about activating particular settings accidentally. For example, the buttons that you use to tweak sensitivity are out of the way. Furthermore, the specific setting that is active usually lights up. Therefore, you are up-to-date on what is active on the mouse and what is not. It is right there before your eyes.

There are two more buttons at the center of the device. You can use one of them to change the game profile conveniently. The other button is for super fast scrolling. It is an exceptional feature that allows you to change the scrolling rate according to need and preferences. You can also slow it down if you need to.

It is important to note that some people prefer to use the buttons as opposed to gaming software. For some people, the gaming software may seem a little complicated and the numerous options may be confusing. However, you may not need to go through all the trouble as the software assigns specific profiles to all the installed games on the computer.

Logitech G502 software offers a variety of options that gamers find useful. You can tweak or customize the mouse according to preference and the game needs. You can as well choose to store the configurations in the onboard memory of the mouse or on the computer as per the game.

The number of customizations on the software can sometimes seem overwhelming. However, it is easy to understand and operate. Most of the gamers focus on DPI settings which can either be high or low depending on the needs of the game. In other words, the settings matter whether you are sniping or in a car chase. You can set the values by typing or using the slider. The highest value is 12000, which is quite decent.

One of the most significant functions of the software is its ability to search all the loaded games on the computer and assign profiles to them. This saves you the trouble of attacking every game a profile. It is quite useful, convenient and time-saving.

Surface tuning is another innovative feature that allows the mouse to self-configure based on the surface it is on. This allows for optimal functioning. And while there are different presets for different mouse pads, the function works with any brand of mouse pads. It is versatile, in every sense of the word.

RGB lighting is a must-have feature in contemporary gaming peripherals. And as you would guess, this gaming mouse comes with RGB lighting on DPI indicator and the G logo. You can treat the effects, color, and brightness to create the best gaming experience that you are going to enjoy. You can also base the lighting on the game you are playing.

When gaming, the mouse is superbly responsive, and you can easily do such tasks as highlight text with much ease. That means you can use it on gaming and non-gaming tasks easier.

The various buttons on Logitech G502 are convenient to use, and the mouse is perfect for gaming. The numerous buttons allow you to customize and include multiple functions as per game needs. For example, you can assign one button to activate the microphone in the heat of the battle. This allows you to be accurate in the game and you reach high scores easily.

The additional installed weights make the mouse easy to use. In a way, it is more balanced, and you may feel like it is helping you win more games.

For some people, the textured surface may improve the grip. However, it feels tiring for some people. Long periods of playing certain games may prove tiring. But this may be a thing that some people experience, especially those with small hands. The curve doesn’t seem to fit adequately in the palm.


Product weight: 4.3 ounces
Product dimensions: 1.6 x 3 x 5.2 inches
Color: Blue/ gray
Batteries: 1 A battery
DPI range: 200 up to 12, 000
Wireless type: 802.11 a/b/g/n
Gaming sensor: PMW3366
Cable length: 6ft

  • i. Ergonomic design that makes it easy to hold
  • ii. 11 programmable buttons
  • iii.Easy to use software
  • iv.Surface tuning that allows the mouse to configure itself according to the surface easily
  • v. Balanced and easy to use when gaming
  • i. It has a loud scroll wheel
  • ii. The lighting options are not the best

iii. See What the Customers are Saying


How do I tune my Logitech G502?

Choose Logitech Gaming Software 8.x from the start menu and choose the surface tuning icon. Choose the ‘add new surface option and enter a name for the configuration.

Press on the tune icon to start the process. Follow the prompts closely and keep your eyes on the gauge. The gauge let you know whether you are moving the mouse at the right speed. Keep moving the mouse around or the process will stop, and you will have to start all over again.

When the surface tuning is complete, the blue progress bar will be full. Click ok to exit, and repeat the process for other surfaces.

If at any moment you want to discard the settings, click on the factory default.

How much does a Logitech G502 weigh?

Logitech G502 is about 4.3 ounces. That is also equivalent to 121 grams.

How much does a Logitech G502 cost?

The market price for the Logitech G502 is around $52.

What is G shift G502?

You can assign a button on G502 a G-shift command. Typically, the button will act as a keyboard modifier. Holding the G-shift button assigns the other mouse buttons alternate shift commands.

In other words, assigning a G-shift command doubles the biddings of the other mouse buttons so that they can have two functions each. For example, if you have three buttons, holding the G shift buttons double them into six. Physically, you have three buttons, but virtually, you have 6.

However, the onboard mode shift commands are quite limited in comparison to the game detection mode available in G502.

4. Logitech G703 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Mouse with POWERPLAY Wireless Charging Compatibility

Logitech G305 vs G403 vs G502 vs G703 : In-depth Review and Comparison 4

Innovation is always exciting. In the world of gaming, the power play mouse pad is the best thing to happen to wireless gaming mice. But this technology is not quite common and is only available in the Logitech G703 and G903. Maybe the high price tag of $100 may discourage a few, but it is an exciting prospect.

The G703 is an upgrade of G403 Prodigy. Well, many gamers expected the G703 to be the successor for the outstanding G700. However, that was not to be as the G703 is more like the G403 than it is G700.

That means the G703 inherits the simplicity of G403. It does not come with a ton of buttons like the G700. It is your typical right and left clicks. Nothing complicated. Other buttons include the thumb buttons, scroll wheel at the center, and another button behind the scroll wheel for changing the DPI settings.

And while it is unadorned and straightforward in every way, its functionality is comparable to other top peripherals such as death adder. It is an assuming, comfortable and familiar. G703 is the kind of gaming mouse that gamers are getting their feet wet will find useful. It is the recommended gaming mouse for every level.

You have the option of removing the small circle at the bottom and replacing it with a small disk to add some weight. Some people will find this additional weight quite useful as it is going to help with gliding on the surface.

The curved feet at the bottom of the mouse are not exceptional, and you may feel some drag compared to the newer G903. It may not be noticeable for some people, and other gamers think that such a drag contributes to efficient movement.

Please note that this drag is quite unnoticeable to many gamers and other features are more important. However, the level of friction produced at the feet can determine how efficiently the mouse moves, how it glides on the surface.

Among the features that you will find unsatisfying include the scroll wheel. It does not have the single clunk of G903. But anyone can accept the tradeoff as it is cheaper than the G903. If you are to choose between G703 and G903, many may prefer the latter. And most definitely will prefer the latter.

G903 is ambidextrous and is one of the most comfortable gaming peripherals. That means it is best for more extended gaming sessions. And of course, most of us engage in long game sessions. It is quite common.

One highlight feature of the G703 is the PWM3366 sensor. It is the same sensor in G903, and it has a reputation for consistency and precision. But of course, the sensor is not the only strong point of the G703 gaming mouse. It has Logitech’s innovative Lightspeed wireless technology.

Most gamers complained about the interference that affected wireless mice. However, interference is a thing of the past with Lightspeed wireless tech. It is the best thing to happen to wireless mice.

Also, most people think that wired gaming mice were faster than their wireless counterparts. That is now nothing but a myth. Lightspeed wireless tech has more speed than the wired mice.

You’ll get the USB dongle if you feel Lightspeed is too much for your understanding. But you never know until you try. The first time you connect the Lightspeed enabled mouse, it pairs automatically. There’s nothing here complicated.

The best thing about Lightspeed technology is that you don’t have to wait for the wireless mouse to charge so that you can resume your game. It charges as you play.

It can charge up to 2% per hour when using it, and 6% when it is idle. But if you feel it is slow, you can always plug it to speed up the charging. All I can say is that the genuinely wireless gaming mouse is here with us. You don’t waste time charging, and you no longer need to deal with wires.

There are two powerplay surfaces. The first one is made of cloth and is quiet, precise and comfortable. On the other hand, the hard surface is quicker and convenient for some users. The surface that you choose mostly depends on personal preference. It is a great thing that Logitech includes both options.


DPI range: 200-12,000
Sensor: PMW3366
Product weight: 107g
RGB colors and brightness levels: 16.8 million
Requirements: Mac OS 10.11 or later, Windows 7 or later, Chrome OS
Programmable Buttons: 6
Screen size: 7 inches
Product dimensions: 1.7 x 2.7 x 4.9 inches
Flash memory size: 16 GB
Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer batteries

  • i. Simple design
  • ii. Comfortable to use
  • iii. Power play functionality for unlimited usage without the need to charge
  • iv. It has one of the best sensors on the market at the moment
  • v. Two power play surface options
  • i. Some customers have reported clicking issues

See What the Customers are Saying

How do I pair Logitech G703?

Using the USB port, connect the LIGHTSPEED receiver to the computer. Go to the downloads page and download Logitech Connection Utility.

Initiate Logitech Connection Utility, and the pairing process will start.

Use the power switch at the bottom of the mouse to turn it on and off. It should now be paired and ready to use.

Click on Next and then Finish to exit Logitech Connection Utility.

How much does the G703 weigh?

G703 weighs about 107g

What is Logitech Lightspeed?

Logitech Lightspeed is the innovative technology that underscores POWERPLAY, A wireless charging system currently used by G703 and G903 mice. The technology allows continuous charging whether you are playing or not. It charges even when it is idle.

The technology also features end-to-end signal optimization and one-millisecond report rate. It is faster than even the wired mice. It has a unique frequency strength that avoids interference from other wireless devices in the area. Logitech Lightspeed technology has a decent and unmatched 16x (12dB) signal strength.

How long does G703 battery last?

The lithium-ion battery in G703 can last up to 24 hours. This is with default LED lighting. If you go dark, the battery can last up to 30 hours. However, you may not need to charge the device if you are using Logitech Lightspeed technology. It charges as you use the device.

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