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Cheapest 144hz Monitor for 2018 – Pick the Right One for You

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Would you love to play The Witcher 3, Far Cry 5, Overwatch, GTA V in a 144fps at 4K/1080p or 60fps at 720p/1080p? Well, you will always prefer the first one, and even a good GPU can easily offer 144fps without any drop. Having a 114Hz monitor for gaming or movie amplifies the whole experience as it provides a smooth frame transition with negligible motion blur.
But are you tight on budget and skeptical at the same time as to whether you can get a 144Hz monitor for your high-end setup? You won’t have to worry because we have found out some top cheapest 144hz monitor for you.

After researching dozens of 144Hz monitors in the market and testing them side by side, we have finally found our top six models. Our team has thoroughly evaluated all the customer reviews and expert comments so that they can present you the best as well as the cheapest.

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Without further digging into the introduction, let start with the detailing.

1. Asus ROG Swift PG27AQ 27inch 4K Monitor: The Cheapest 144Hz 4K Asus Monitor

Cheapest 144hz Monitor for 2018 - Pick the Right One for You 1
As we all know, when it comes to top-notch monitors ROG fleet from Asus takes the premier spot, and they have always been the market ruler in this segment. Their ROG Swift PG27AQ is a popular cheap 144Hz model that has blown many top-end models out of the water in visual performance and gaming output.

Primary Features:

• 3840 X 2160 native resolution.
• 144Hz refresh rate.
• IPS panel with 178-degree viewing angle.
• Asus EyeCare.
• 100% sRGB color coverage.
• G-Sync enabled.
• Multi-display ready with a slim profile.
• Three years warranty.

Features Overview:

Asus ROG Swift PG27AQ is probably one of the highest sellers when it comes cheap 4K models, and every enthusiast, as well as experts, praises its incredible quality. This widescreen 27inch monitor is an ideal display for long hour gaming or movie session which is also assisted by a non-glare coating and super narrow bezel-less design.
It comes with a native 3840 X 2160 resolution, and an IPS panel which makes sure your eye is treated with the top of the line picture quality. It will leave you flabbergasted by its color saturation, and all the credit goes to its 100% sRGB coverage.

Once you play any game or watch a movie on Asus ROG Swift PG27AQ, you will be startled by the brightness level and the black depth which is delivered by 300cd/m2 and 1000:1. Whether you are sitting in the middle or sidewise, you won’t get a washed out, and it is due to its 178-degree wide viewing angle.
Playing games on this display is just a treat to the eye as it gets back up from 144Hz refresh with 4ms response time. Not only that, but you can also sync your Nvidia GPU with G-Sync technology which will offer smooth visuals of every game.

Asus ROG Swift PG27AQ is loaded with game assistance feature that comprises trace free technology, four color temperature mode, three-game plus modes, and six games visual mode. Asus has emphasized a lot on eye safety with this model, and that is why it comes with Asus Eye care, blue light filter, and flicker-free technology.
The ergonomic stand is quite flexible as you will be able to adjust height, mount on wall, tilt, swivel, and pivot which is great for eye-level adjustment. You won’t face any connection issue as it pampers with HDMI 1.4, dual USB, Display Port, and audio. Asus has provided a three years warranty for this model, and they cover most of the issues with this coverage.

  • Jaw dropping 4K performance
  • The G-Sync works efficiently
  • The color output and frame transition are mind-blowing
  • Availability of a lot of interesting features
  • Excellent gamma tracking
  • An issue with windows scaling in 4K resolution
  • The speaker doesn’t offer high clarity

See What the Customers are Saying

Special Note:

    If you are planning to add a marvelous 144Hz 4K monitor to high-end rig but short on budget, then you need to check out Asus ROG Swift PG27AQ.

2. BenQ Zowie XL2411P 24inch 1080p Monitor: The Best Budget 144Hz BenQ Monitor

Cheapest 144hz Monitor for 2018 - Pick the Right One for You 2
BenQ Zowie XL2411P serves as the favorite choice for many gaming enthusiasts as well as professional gamers, and it is mainly due to lucid gaming visuals. Nowadays it is a conventional display in many gaming tournaments as it offers the professional players the best output with super fast response time.

Primary Features:

• Native 1920 X 1080-pixel resolution.
• TN display panel.
• A refresh rate of 144hz with 1ms response time.
• 1000:1 contrast ratio with 12M:1 DCR.
• 16:9 aspect ratio.
• Color Vibrance technology.
• Three years warranty.

Features Overview:

BenQ Zowie XL2411P boast a compact 24inch screen size which is designed with a special bezel frame whose primary intention is to curb down viewing disruption. It is loaded with 1920 X 1080p native resolution but what gives it distinctive identity? It is its 144Hz refresh rate which offers a smooth visual performance. It comes with 350 cd/m2 brightness level so you won’t have to look closer to see characters in dark scenes.

Like other high-end 144Hz monitors, it also grabs 12M:1 contrast level which is quite adequate to offer mindboggling black depth. You will be baffled with the clarity it has on offer as it utilizes Black eQualizer.

BenQ has tried to keep the color performance optimum with Zowie XL2411P, and that is why they have included Color Vibrance technology along two levels of color vibrancy settings. As it is a dedicated eSport monitor, so the presence of TN panel is quite apparent whose known offer terrific visual performance. While playing a game especially multiplayer you won’t get any frame lag as it acquires 1ms fast response time.
Not only that, but it also receives a unique screen which reduces any light reflection and a zero flicker technology that minimize the chance of eye fatigue.

Like other models, BenQ Zowie XL2411P also grabs low blue light technology whose main job to drive away any strain on the eye. You will find a lot of connection options with this model like Display Port for 144Hz, HDMI 1.4, DVI-DL and headphone jack. It gets an ergonomic stand which offers pivot, tilt, swivel, and 130mm height adjustment. You can mount it on the wall using the VESA wall mount which is excellent for watching a movie.
For your convenience, BenQ has offer three years warranty coverage which is a boon to the enthusiast and gamers. Lastly, you won’t have an issue if you want to move this display as it only weighs 3.6kg.

  • Ultra smooth visuals
  • Zero motion blur
  • Impressive clarity and color saturation
  • Presence of TN panel
  • The stand offers a lot of adjustments
  • The visuals don’t get washed out in the presence of ambient light
  • It often causes an issue with color temperature

See What the Customers are Saying

Special Note:

    Thinking of playing your favorite multiplayer game at a professional level but not sure which 144hz refresh would be useful? Immediately check out BenQ Zowie XL2411P.

3. ViewSonic XG2401 24inch 144Hz 1080p Monitor: A Top Affordable 144Hz ViewSonic Monitor

Cheapest 144hz Monitor for 2018 - Pick the Right One for You 3
ViewSonic is a well-known brand in the US market who have been producing high-quality devices for decades, and one of them is XG2401. Even though it comes with an inexpensive price tag but that doesn’t have stopped it from offering mindboggling visual performance along with exclusive gaming attributes.

Main Features:

• 1920 X 1080 native resolution.
• 1ms response time with low input lag.
• 144Hz maximum refresh rate.
• 350 cd/m2 brightness level.
• TN panel type.
• AMD FreeSync technology support.
• Three years warranty.

Features Overview:

ViewSonic XG2401 is a hidden gem in the display market whose primary intention is to offer eye-popping images and nothing else. It is a simple 24inch monitor which backed by a LED lens light source. The display surface gets hard coating and 3H anti-glare which protects the eye from getting any strain. It is based on a 1080p native resolution which with the assistance of 350 cd/m2 brightness level puts out a lifelike quality with optimum vividness. Every visual come with immense black depth, and it is due to 120M:1 dynamic contrast ratio along with 1000:1 contrast.

The color output of ViewSonic XG2401 is quite vibrant which is backed by 16.7M color support. Many gamers prefer this model over others because it offers 1ms response time along with 144Hz refresh rate which gives you smooth visuals without blur or ghosting. You can even utilize the AMD FreeSync technology which will further aid to the ultra-lucid gaming visuals. To assist you to reach in real time, this monitor provides low input lag which is essential when you are playing multiplayer games.
Whether you want to play multiplayer, FPS, MOBA or strategy game, you will get pre-set modifiable visual modes that will notch up your experience.

ViewSonic XG2401 gets the distinguished TN panel which is a common ingredient for most of the top end eSports gaming monitors. You will get a clear view from every angle as it is designed with a 178-degree viewing angle. The number of connectors it gets is immense, and it includes likes of USB Type A and Type B, HDMI, Display port and 3.5mm audio.
With this model, you get a VESA compatible sturdy stand which you can pivot, tilt, adjust height, swivel and mount on the wall. You won’t be able to question about its longevity which is due to its 30000hours of backlight lifespan.

  • It offers swift response time with low input lag
  • The 144Hz refresh rate is quite useful
  • It offers remarkable visual quality with high clarity
  • Plenty of pre-set gaming visuals modes
  • The design is not that good
  • The speaker quality could have been better

See What the Customers are Saying

Special Note:

    ViewSonic XG2401 is an incredible value for money display that offers an impressive set of features and visuals performance without pinching your pocket.

4. Acer 27inch Curved ED273 144Hz 1080p Monitor: A Value For Money 144Hz Monitor 27inch

Cheapest 144hz Monitor for 2018 - Pick the Right One for You 4
Acer ED273 is a prolific 144Hz monitor that has brought storm in the 144Hz monitor segment with its price and performance. It is loaded with features that make it a plausible mate to a top of the line rig. Even though it doesn’t serve as a best seller, but it is a critically acclaimed display that has failed to grab the attention of gamers.

Main Features:

• 1920 X 1080 native resolution.
• VA panel with curved widescreen.
• 4ms response time with 144Hz refresh rate.
• ComfyView and low-dimming technology.
• 178-degree viewing angle.
• 100000000:1 dynamic contrast ratio.

Features Overview:

Acer ED273 is a meticulously designed monitor that is crafted to bring out the best in class visual at the 144Hz refresh rate. It is a broad 27inch monitor that offers a 16:9 aspect ratio curved screen so that you won’t miss any detail in the visual. Most importantly it comes with W-LED backlight source which promises to stay lit for at least four to five years. Even though it comes with 1920 X 1080 native resolution but with the blend of VA panel it brings out an exceptional image quality which you won’t find in this price point.

The vividness and black depth Acer ED273 produces is just astonishing, and it is due to the proper configuration of 250 cd/m2 along with 100000000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. In every frame, it oozes out a lifelike color quality and all the credit goes to its 72% NTSC color space coverage along with 16.7million color support.

Even if you have a large gathering in your room, no one would perceive a washed out view because it offers a wide 178-degree viewing angle. It serves as a plausible choice for gaming and movie watching due to the incorporation of 4ms response time with low input lag.

Moreover, Acer ED273 also gets the privilege to synchronize itself with the GPU using the AMD FreeSync technology that produces silky visuals without any stuttering or blur. Playing games at 144Hz in this monitor would mesmerize your eye, and it also gives you the chance to react in real time. It comes with standard Display port, HDMI, and DVI port but surprisingly it also gets DP as well as HDMI cable in the package.
You can stay in front of the monitor for a very long without affecting your eye because it is mated with ComfyView, flicker less, low dimming and blue light filter technology. The screens also 3H anti-glare coating to further to protect your eye.

  • The image quality is on par with high-end Full HD monitors
  • The silky smoothness in the visuals is praiseworthy
  • It doesn’t cause any strain to the eye
  • It offers an impressive view from a far angle
  • Narrow bezel design with premium finishing
  • The brightness level could have been better

See What the Customers are Saying

Special Note:

    Short on budget but still looking for a great 144Hz display at an affordable rate which would disappoint you in performance? Make your way towards Acer ED273.

5. Viotek GN35LD WQHD Curved 144Hz Monitor: A Bargain 144Hz Ultrawide Monitor

Cheapest 144hz Monitor for 2018 - Pick the Right One for You 5
Viotek GN35LD is a common choice among single player gamers who love to enjoy their game at a king size display in 144Hz. It is loaded with many intriguing attributes that are fused together in such a way which yields out a mesmerizing visual quality in your game.

Main Features:

• 2K native resolution 1800D curvature.
• 144Hz refresh rate with 3ms response time.
• VA panel type.
• AMD FreeSync adaptive technology.
• LED backlighting with eight color option.
• Five preset display modes.

Features Overview:

Viotek GN35LD is a uniquely designed massive 35inch monitor that has made many hardcore single player gamers drool over its visual performance and design. It is a widescreen display with a 21:9 aspect ratio which also makes it an ideal display of binge movie watching. What set it apart? It’s 1800R curvature which offers you a proper view of each segment of the screen.
Unlike other 144Hz monitors, it is based on 2560 X 1080 native resolution which cradles your eye with razor-sharp 2K image quality. Even though it comes with 250 cd/m2 brightness but you won’t be able once you get to see its vibrancy in every frame.

The crispness and black depth you will get in Viotek GN35LD will leave your flabbergasted, and it is mainly due to it’s 500000000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. However, it only gets 16.7M color support which puts out a decent color saturation. Apart from the single player games, you can easily try your hand on multiplayer because you will get assistance from 3ms response time along with low input lag.
While playing games, you won’t have any lag, screen stuttering or ghosting because this 2K monitor will AMD FreeSync technology to treat you with buttery smooth frames. For your convenience, Viotek has given away five preset modes so that you won’t have to change setting to shift from games to the movie.

Viotek GN35LD gets two LED lights on its back that comes with eight color choice along with three settings, and they are perfect element to set fire to your gaming spirit. A significant advantage of using this wide monitor is that it gets PBP mode that you give you the freedom to split the screen to work on two task at a time. Like every prolific manufacturer, Viotek also emphasizes on viewers eye fatigue, so they have provided a 3H anti-glare coating and low blue light. You won’t have any difficulty in connecting your rig because the panel comes with Display port, DVI, HDMI, and 3.5mm audio jack.

  • Impeccable visual performance
  • Ultra silky images with zero stuttering
  • Availability of on-screen color monitor
  • It offers a split screen option
  • It doesn’t cause any strain even after hours of usage
  • The stand doesn’t have various type of adjustments

See What the Customers are Saying

Special Note:

    Viotek GN35LD is a fantastic 2K 144Hz monitor which can serve you for a long time if you wish you get a wide display at an affordable range.

6. Pixio PX276 27inch WQHD 144Hz Bezel Less Monitor: The Cheapest 1440p 144Hz Monitor

Cheapest 144hz Monitor for 2018 - Pick the Right One for You 6
Pixio PX276 might look like an ordinary brand offering a wide fancy monitor, but it would dull move to judge this display only by its brand. It may be one of the cheapest 144Hz monitors on the market, but when it comes to performance, it holds the prowess to outperform many big names.

Main Features:

• 27inch size with the bezel-less design.
• 2560 X 1440 native resolution.
• TN panel system with 1ms response time.
• AMD FreeSync technology.
• Gaming crosshair and timer.
• 75 X 75 VESA compatibility.

Features Overview:

Pixio PX276 may be a non-popular, but once you hook this monitor with a good rig, it will leave you baffled by its stunning quality. It is a king size 27inch which is adorned with an ultra slim bezel-less design and matte black color making it an eye candy of a rig. With significant power comes big responsibility and that is why the manufacturer has included 2560 X 1440 WQHD resolution in this monitor. It won’t ever give you any room to complain about its quality, and it’s 250 cd/m2 brightness level along with 1000:1 contrast ratio takes care of it.

However, the color level of Pixio PX276 isn’t exceptional as it only gets support 16.7M color display. Playing games is a lot of fun on this flat monitor because it offers 144Hz refresh rate along AMD FreeSync technology that results out an outstanding smooth visual without stuttering. This monitor will keep you hooked to your multiplayer games, and all the credit goes to its 1ms response time along with low input lag.
Not only that, it also gets TN panel which also assists the monitor to offer a thrilling gaming experience. Whether you sit in the middle or on the side, you will view get the same sharpness from any angle, and it is due to its 170 degree viewing angle.

Well Pixio PX276 is a dedicated gaming monitor so it will fulfill your expectation by providing advanced visual presets, a line of sight, game timer and dynamic contrast. Even after playing for hours your eyes won’t get affected as the screen get a 3H anti-glaring coating, flicker-free technology, and low blue light. It is matted with a VESA compatible stand which acts a great perk if you wish to mount it, but sadly it doesn’t get any other adjustment options. For connectivity, it offers you all the standard ports like Display Port 1.2, HDMI 1.4, audio and dual-link DVI.

  • It doesn’t have any dead pixel
  • A thin bezel with anti-glare coating
  • It doesn’t cause motion blur or stuttering
  • Radiant visual output with a smooth transition
  • It doesn’t have good color accuracy
  • The stand doesn’t come with height adjustment

See What the Customers are Saying

Buying Guide for the Cheapest 144 Hz Monitor

In today’s market, there are numerous numbers of monitors with various variations such as in resolution, size, and pixels etc. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hardcore gamer or casual gamer or a movie buff or a person who used the computer very rarely, your hardware is an imperative feature that plays a major role in determining your experience with the monitor.

There are many monitors like the 60 Hz monitor, 120 Hz monitor but these Monitors have already been outdated a long time ago. This age is the season of using a 144 Hz monitor.

What is a 144 Hz monitor?

Before we can jump into how to choose the cheapest 144 Hz monitor let us understand what does a 144 Hz monitor means. 144 Hz in a monitor represent the refresh time in the monitor. The refresh time of the monitor represents that number of images a monitor can present in a certain unit of time. More the refresh time, more is the efficient and clear usage of the monitor.

Monitors with 144Hz refresh rates aren’t new-fangled, but they’re more all the rage than ever in recent timed because they are pretty cool and provide a great experience to the person using it.

With so many brands s of monitors in the market, we may be confused in what monitor has to be bought. This question would be more deepened if you are on a financial budget. So now let us look into how to choose the best yet cheapest 144 Hz monitor that provides a great user experience along with great qualities.
How to choose the cheapest 144 Hz Monitor?
Before you choose a monitor along with the price, check all the qualities of the computer as given below

1. Resolution:

One of the important factors while choosing a 144 Hz monitor is its resolution. The most admired resolution in the midst of today’s trends is 1080 p because with this resolution it is easy to get an elevated frame rate. When buying a new 144 Hz monitor, you must think forward as well. Since you are in a budget, you can look out for 1440 p as it will be an enhanced investment and you can still get lofty frame rates.

You can choose a 1080 p resolution if the size of the screen that you are aiming to buy is a minimum of 24 inches. If you still want a better monitor and if the budget persists you can choose a 4 k monitor. So choose the monitor according to your requirements and also keep in mind your budget.

2. Panel size and panel technology:

The size of the panel as well as the technology of the panel can be proportional to the price of the monitor. First, let us look at the panel size. Considering the panel size, the bigger the panel size then better is the experience. Keep a note to not buy a monitor less than 23 inches since Bigger panels up to 34-inches are better.

But even this case, buy whatever fits your room as well as keep your budget in mind. There are quite a few types of panels that 144 Hz monitors can have and each one of them can have their own set of advantages as well as disadvantages. Research a bit about the types of panels and choose one that chooses the best for your requirement as well as your budget.

3. Pixel Response Time:

A 144 Hz monitor should have a swift pixel response time. When you looking at the specifications of a monitor, you’ll notice the response time is generally labeled in terms of GtG, which expands to Gray to Gray. This pixel response time is measured in milliseconds and indicates the quantity of time taken for the transition of the shade on the monitor from one shade of grey to another shade of grey.
In general, diverse monitor manufacturer’s use, unlike methods to reckon this GtG value. So keep an eye on this value and buy it accordingly.
A low pixel response time has to be preferred by the gamers as the motion blur effects are reduced or sometimes even totally eliminated which aids in producing an overall smoother user experience than higher pixel response times.

4. Input Lag:

Input lag which is also termed as Display lag summarizes to the time it takes from the moment people click the mouse button the appearance of it on the screen. For casual needs, an input lag time under 30ms is good to use. However, if you are choosing the high end 144 Hz monitor and that is under your budget choose the monitor, which has a lag time of fewer than 10 secs to 15 sec’s. Always check the lag time in the specification corner of the monitor and choose accordingly.

for gamers it is suggested to buy a monitor with a less lag time it may influence the game results and these monitors usually cost a bomb. On the other hand, if the purpose of purchasing a monitor is casual then the lag time of the monitor can be neglected.

5. Purpose of purchase:

It is recommended to buy the monitor that satisfies your requirement. For example, if you are a gamer, then there is no use in buying a monitor that has no specifications that are needed for a gamer. Similarly, if you are a movie buff or use the computer for casual or official purposes, it a waste of money if you buy a monitor that is intended for the gamers.

These requirements alter the price of the monitor. So before you buy a monitor, list out the number of specifications that you absolutely need in a monitor. This will reduce the money that you have to invest in a monitor.

6. Compare the pricing:

There are a number of stores may be in a physical manner or in the form of an online store. Before you buy a monitor that you have decided upon, go through all the sites and stores that are available and try to compare the different prices in each store. There is a higher chance that the product that you have seen on one site may be much higher priced than the same product that you have seen on the other store. Exploring different sites allows you to save money.
Also, keep an eye on the discounts and the coupons. The best time to buy any products is during the festive season as mostly all of the stores would be having their products on sale.

Set a budget before you start looking out for a monitor and also keep a checklist of the requirements that you have. The price of the monitor can differentiate based on the requirements. So choose the best among the monitors that satisfy your requirement. Along with these, also look out for deals and discounts that further help you save a load of bucks while buying a monitor. Choose wisely and spend smartly.

Special Note:

    If you are looking for a 1440p wide display that will efficiently serve the need for gaming and general demand, then hunt down Pixio PX276.
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