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Cheapest 120hz Monitors – Few Top Picks for You

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Gone are those days, when 60Hz visuals were considered to be the ideal for optimum viewing experience in PC. Currently, it is the generation of 120Hz monitors that has become a rage in the market. However many 120Hz monitors come with an expensive price tag, and it is tough for people who are tight on budget to own them easily. If you are one of those people who dream of viewing 120Hz fluidic frames, but the expensive price tag is coming in your way. Then don’t worry as we have come up with the names of the most excellent cheapest 120Hz monitor, that will glide you over all the obstacles.

We can conclude all the models we have listed are entirely value for money, and they won’t disappoint you in performance or functionality. We have thoroughly tested all the models and made them go through various visuals performance test. So you can expect the listed model to be the most excellent in the bunch of cheap 120Hz models. All we can say once you get any one of these models you won’t regret your decision. However they might are quite superior in design, but in the end, you will be paying more attention to the visual quality rather than the body design.

Now, let’s take a look at the names of all the models before heading out to their in-depth review section,

1. AOC AGON AG352UCG6 G-Sync 120Hz Curved Gaming Monitor – The best 120Hz monitor for gaming.
2. Dell AW3418DW 34.1inch LED-Lit Monitor – The runner-up 120Hz monitor.
3. Eizo FORIS FG2421-BK 23inch LCD Monitor.
4. Acer Predator Z35P 35 inch Curved 120Hz Over-clocked QHD Monitor.
5. Crossover Display 344FW AHIPS 34inch 120Inch Over-clocked WFHD Monitor

So, now we know the names all the four models, it is time to dig dip into the details of all the models:
The Best 120Hz Monitor For Gaming

1. AOC AGON AG352UCG6 G-Sync 120Hz Curved Gaming Monitor

Cheapest 120hz Monitors - Few Top Picks for You 1
AOC AGON AG352UCG6 120Hz monitor is probably the finest affordable gaming monitor you will ever come across. It is a beautifully designed curved that pampers you with all the latest features which you would expect from a gaming monitor. The quality and clarity of the visuals are mindboggling which you won’t often see in any budget models.

It gets better from here:

Main Features:

• 35inch VA panel.
• 3440 X 1440 2K resolution.
• 300 cd/m2 brightness.
• NVIDIA G-Sync compatibility.
• 120Hz refresh rate with 4ms response time.
• Three years warranty with 90 days replacement policy.

Features Overview:

AOC is a well-known brand in the gaming monitor segment and it some pretty good displays in their victorious fleet where one of them is AGON AG352UCG6 120Hz monitor. It is a 35inch wide-angle monitor that cradles your eye with 3440 X 1440 QHD fluidic resolution. You won’t be able to complain about the vividness in its visuals, and all the credit goes to its 300 cd/m2.

It offers a superior color depth and black depth in visuals which is due to the vast color spectrum along with 20000000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. The lifelike visuals quality of these models gets assistance from 21:9 aspect ratio which adds to visuals experience.

The visuals experience you will get from AOC AGON AG352UCG6 120Hz monitor is top of the line, and it is mainly due to its 120Hz refresh rate that offers super smooth visuals. Not only that, it’s 4ms response time and NVIDIA G-Sync also helps the monitor to offers jaw-dropping visuals by slashing any screen tearing, input lag, screen stuttering, etc. To make your gaming experience more mesmerizing, the manufacturer has incorporated AOC shadow control that allows you to get the best view in the dark areas.

AOC has also include flicker-free technology that ensures proper view by regulating monitor brightness with DC backlight system.
Along with visuals, the design of AOC AGON AG352UCG6 120Hz monitor is top notch, and its 1800R curved AMVA panels play a crucial role in providing you immersive gaming experience. To keep your eye fatigue-free, the manufacturer has also given a low blue light model that minimizes all harmful short wavelength.

Adjusting this monitor is totally breeze as it has a full height adjustable stand and this stand also comes with adjustable backlight and headphone stand. You will be surprised to know, that it offers ports like audio, display port 1.2, HDMI and USB which are located the back of the panel.

  • The 1440p QHD Ultrawide 2K visuals are exceptional
  • Razor sharp clarity in visuals
  • Good field of view
  • The refresh is quite smooth
  • The ergonomic stand is quite useful
  • Presence of three years warranty
  • It often shows ghosting issue

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Special Note:
    • AOC AGON AG352UCG6 120Hz monitor is ideal for casual gamers who want to experience smooth visuals while gaming. It suits people with a decent budget range.


    The Runner-Up 120Hz Monitor

2. Dell AW3418DW 34.1inch LED-Lit Monitor

Cheapest 120hz Monitors - Few Top Picks for You 2
The brand Dell among gamers has become a sign of reliability, and hardly any of their monitors have disappointed anyone with its performance. AW3418DW LED monitor is an exclusive 120Hz model from Dell that has not only impressed users with performance and functionality but also price point.

Main Features:

• 34inch IPS panel.
• WQHD 3440 X 1440 120Hz display.
• 4ms response time.
• Six gaming modes.
• 178-degree viewing angle.
• NVIDIA G-SYNC technology.

Here’s the kicker:

Features Overview:

Dell AW3418DW LED monitor is specially curated high-performance monitor that has a series of incredible features and surprisingly it doesn’t affect your budget. This 34inch large display bestows you a correct 3440 X 1440 WQHD resolution with 3.68 million on-screen pixels thus you can expect a breathtaking gaming experience. It is loaded with 300 cd/m2 and 1000:01 contrast ratio that takes the brightness and black level to another level.

You will be dazzled with its color output, and it is mainly due to sRGB 99% color reproduction along with 16.7million color support. As it is an extensive display, it offers 21:9 widescreen aspect ratio which gives out a proper field of depth.
The IPS panel in Dell AW3418DW LED monitor has given not only it a top-notch quality but also massive longevity. The field of view in this monitor is spot on, and all the praise goes to its 178-degree viewing angle along with three-sided ultrathin bezel. In addition, it also treats you with 1900R curved infinity display that can quickly transform your gaming and movie experience.

To make your gaming experience more exciting, Dell has also included six gaming modes in its fluidic OSD display. The manufacturer has also taken care of your eye health, and that is why it incorporated the screen with a 3H Hard coating of anti-glare.

Once you start playing your favorite game, you won’t be able to move your eye from the ultra-smooth gaming visuals, and it is all because of NVIDIA G-SYNC which swift up the frame transition. The 4ms response time also adds to the fast and fluid gameplay the user experiences. Adjusting height, swivel or tilt will be a piece of cake as you will get assistance from swivel-hinge combo design which is intended for providing best viewing angle.

It is loaded with fully customizable AlinFX RGB lighting that can assist to bring you new dynamics to your PC setup. Lastly, for connectivity, it provides USB 3.0, DP 1.2 and HDMI.

  • Fast transition with 120Hz refresh rate
  • Almost zero lag
  • Jaw dropping color production
  • The presence of IPS panel
  • Excellent curvature with wide viewing angle
  • Impressive design with the ultrathin bezel
  • Low amount of ports
  • The contrast ratio could have been better

See What the Customers are Saying

What’s the bottom line?
Special Note:
    Dell AW3418DW LED monitor is one of the best highly rated gaming monitor that has won prestigious from CES 2018, Tech Radar, Tech AU and many more for its design and performance.

3. Eizo FORIS FG2421-BK 23inch LCD Monitor

Cheapest 120hz Monitors - Few Top Picks for You 3
As a gamer, you might be familiar with displays from Eizo as they are widely used in professional gaming tournaments. The model FORIS FG2421-BK from Eizo can be depicted as a hidden gem that has revolutionized the gaming community with its capability to switch from 120Hz to 240Hz. It is a simple looking model that will leave your flabbergasted with its visual performance and functionality.

Main Features:

• 23.5inch VA Panel.
• 1920 X 1080 native resolution.
• 400 cd/m2 brightness.
• 176-degree viewing angle.
• 120Hz refresh rate with support up to 240Hz.
• Five years warranty.

Features Overview:

Eizo FORIS FG2421-BK monitor might not excite you by looks or body design, but it will baffle you with its visual output and unique features. The main reason behind its superior display is the presence of Full HD 1920 X 1080 native resolution along with support from Vertical Alignment body panel.

The vividness in the visuals is fantastic, and it is due to 400 cd/m2 which is unusual in budget 120Hz monitors. It also boasts a 5000:1 contrast ratio which enhances the dynamics in the dark scenes of all the games. 16.77 million on-screen colors with 256 tone grayscale providing amazing color depth in every frame.

Eizo has incorporated VA panel in FORIS FG2421-BK monitor which is known to offer mesmerizing viewing experience along with durability. Not only that, but it is also clubbed with 178-degree viewing making sure you get the same visual quality even if you are sitting diagonally.

However, the star of this monitor is its 120Hz native refresh along with 1ms response time so you can expect to experience a fluidic visual without any screen stuttering. Not only that as it is a specially designed Pro Gaming monitor, so it gives you the option to convert 120Hz to 240Hz without hampering the overall quality.
With Eizo FORIS FG2421-BK monitor you will get a lot of gaming preset, but apart from those, you can also download many Pro Gamer’s colors preset from the manufacturer’s site. It is built using an ergonomic stand that offers a wide range of tuning whether it is tilt, height adjustment, swivel, etc.

The rear portion also features LED backlit Eizo Logo and an inbuilt handle so that it can be carried to tournament location. For hooking assistance, it gives a fair amount of ports like two USB, Display Port, HDMI, and DVI-D. This affordable model is full of surprises, but one of the most significant revelations is its five years warranty.
It doesn’t end here:

  • Incredible frame quality with clarity
  • Simple design with an adequate amount of functionality
  • It comes with five years warranty
  • The 240Hz display doesn’t cause any issue
  • Impressive brightness level
  • The gaming visuals are free from stuttering and tear
  • The display gets dim when Turbo 240 is activated

See What the Customers are Saying


Special Note:

    Eizo FORIS FG2421-BK monitor is an underrated 120Hz monitor that can fulfill your dream of experience ultra-smooth gaming visuals.

4. Acer Predator Z35P 35inch Curved 120Hz Over-clocked QHD Monitor

Cheapest 120hz Monitors - Few Top Picks for You 4
Acer Predator is one of the most popular gaming monitor series in the market and almost all type of gamers whether professional or casual, they all drool on this lineup. Z35P 35inch monitor from Acer which is quite popular among casual players for its incredible performance, jaw-dropping design, and numerous gaming functionalities.


Main Features:

• 35inch VA panel.
• 3440 X 1440 QHD display.
• 1800R curved display.
• 178-degree viewing angle.
• 120Hz refresh rate after over-clocking.
• 4ms response time.
• NVIDIA G-SYNC technology.
• Predator Game View technology.

Features Overview:

When you talk about a spectacular budget gaming monitor, the name that is common in every conversation or list is the Acer Predator Z35P 35inch monitor. It boasts an astonishing visual output without any flickering, and it is due to the 3440 X 1440 QHD native resolution with the LED-lit display. To add to the incredible visual quality, Acer has also included 300 cd/m2 brightness and 2500:1 static contrast ratio in the optical configuration that given an edge to the visuals. The color reproduction is also decent, and it also offers to support up to 16.7 million on-screen colors which bring out an excellent depth in every frame.

You are going to get a full 178-degree viewing angle with Acer Predator Z35P 35inch monitor which is adequate for casual gaming or movie session. It also houses a VA panel which is quite famous in the market for its incredible quality. This model will baffle you with the smoothness in the visuals, and it is all because of 120Hz refresh which is achieved by overclocking the native refresh rate.

To offer a lifelike gaming experience, it also uses NVIDIA G-SYNC to prevent any stuttering and tear in the visuals. 4ms response time also assists the monitor to pamper you with smooth game-play.
Acer Predator Z35P 35inch monitor gets a lot of praise for its 1800r curvature which you offers you an immersive viewing experience. For adjusting the dark level in single player games, you can utilize its Predator GameView technology that offers numerous quality adjustment.

To make it a complete package, Acer has provided two inbuilt 9-watt speakers which are decent for the movie and single player games. The number of connection supports it provides is adequate, and it offers HDMI, Display Port and USB 3.0. For adjustment, it gives VESA mount which allows you to tune the height, swivel, and tilt.
Here’s the kicker:

  • Splendid ultra-wide design with top built quality
  • Remarkable visual quality with good depth
  • The right amount of connectivity options
  • Sturdy VESA mount
  • The viewing angle is accurate
  • Praiseworthy 120Hz refresh rate performance
  • Tuning up the black and color level is natural
  • The speakers are not that great
  • It is tough to plug and unplug cables

See What the Customers are Saying

Special Note:
    Acer Predator Z35P 35inch is a pure gaming display for single player games and movie at a decent price structure.

5. Crossover 344FW AHIPS Ultra Wide HDR 34″ WFHD Monitor

Cheapest 120hz Monitors - Few Top Picks for You 5
Crossover Display 344FW AH-IPS monitor is a piece of device that has turned a lot of heads with its performance and design. It may not fall in the popular brand category, but that hasn’t stopped it from outclassing many well-known gaming monitors in its range. It is an affordable monitor that will impress you in every aspect whether feature, ergonomics, visual output or design.


Main Features:

• 2560 X 1080 WFHD resolution.
• 34inch widescreen with IPS panel.
• Over clocked 120Hz refresh rate.
• Ultra-slim bezel design.
• HDR compatibility.
• AMD Freesync and NVIDIA Real Boost Clock.

Features Overview:

Crossover Display 344FW AH-IPS monitor might seem like an ordinary display from outside, but once you start using this model, you will be obsessed with it. It offers a 2560 X 1080 WFHD native resolution in this 34inch display and the output quality will surpass all your expectation. It takes assistance from 300 cd/m2 brightness and 5000000:1 dynamic contrast ratio to offer you top of the line visuals with optimum black depth as well as vividness. You will be flabbergasted by the color depth it provides in its 21:9 aspect ratio and it is mainly due to 16.7million on-screen color support.

The silkiness Crossover Display 344FW AH-IPS monitor offers in the game is exceptional, and it is due to its 120Hz refresh rate which is achieved by using NVIDIA Real Boost Clock. Not only that, but the embedded AMD FreeSync also assist the monitor to cradle your eye jaw-dropping frames. Playing competitive online games is a treat to the gamers as it offers super fast 4ms response time along with an anti-flickering system and crosshair mode. Like every top monitor, it also offers a 178-degree viewing angle which comes handy during movie session. It even provides HDR compatibility, but only a few GPUs comes with HDR compatibility.

An eye-catching feature of Crossover Display 344FW AH-IPS monitor is its ultra-thin bezel design with glossy steel finishing. The IPS panel is supported by VESA 100 X 100 metal tripod stand that offers numerous adjustment option for height, tilt and swivel thus ensuring you get the best view. With that being said, for user convenience, it also provides game mode, Low blue light system, Black EQ mode, etc. It comes with all standard input options like HDMI, D-DVI, Display Port but lacks USB port. The downside of this model is that the manufacturer hasn’t provided any information regard warranty.

  • Excellent ultra-slim bezel design
  • The clarity, as well as quality, is quite excellent
  • Overclocking to 120Hz refresh rate doesn’t cause any issue
  • A lot of features for gaming
  • The VESA stand is quite brawny
  • The menu is not very user-friendly
  • The absence of any warranty coverage
  • The presence of dead pixel

See What the Customers are Saying

What’s the bottom line?

Special Note:

    If you are someone who only looks for performance and features in a monitor rather than brand name, then Crossover Display 344FW AH-IPS monitor could be a good choice.


A monitor is essential for any computer as it is one of the main parts of the computer system that gives us the output of images or any other information. If you’re considering to buy a new monitor either for gaming or watching movies then you may be amused by today’s preferences. Purchasing a monitor based on the requirement of the person may be very difficult since there a lot of monitors that are meant to be different or different purposes.

Before you buy a 120 Hz monitor let us know what exactly does this 120 Hz means to get a better understanding. Let us consider a monitor that is termed to be a 120 Hz display, this means that the display rate of 120 Hz shows 120 frames per second.

Generally, a human eye can sense a resolution of only 60 Hz. Even though the market has been coming up with various monitors the 120 Hz monitor has been introduced because the 120 Hz monitor will display new frames more rapidly than a 60 Hz. In today’s market, there are a number of monitors that provide different display rates like 60 Hz, 120 Hz, and 144 Hz etc. So you may be a bit skeptical on what monitor has to be brought based on your requirement because the name doesn’t suggest the qualities of the monitor that you are about to buy.

Usually while buying a monitor there are some qualities that a monitor must possess before you purchase one.


The size of the monitor is one of the important qualities that you have to check in a monitor. The size of the monitor depends upon the requirement of the purpose for which you are buying the monitor. For example, if you are looking for a monitor for gaming purpose or for watching movies then you may need a bigger size of the monitor. Usually, the range of the size of the 120 Hz monitor ranges from 19 inches to 27 inches. It is recommended to buy the monitor as big as possible to get a clear picture of the images on it.


Resolution is essential not only for the monitor but also for various electronic devices like mobile phones, tablets, etc. A resolution of the monitor indicates us the number of pixels it has. For example, let us consider a 2560×1440 i.e. 1440 p monitor, this indicates that the monitor is 2560 pixels wide and 1440 pixels tall. To be precise the 1440 p and 4 k monitors have more pixels in them and are generally preferred than other monitor resolutions. So prefer a monitor of higher resolution to get a more perfect picture and eliminate the blurriness in the picture.


Response time is the time unit in which the color on the monitor that changes from one color to the other color. The best 120 Hz screen monitor comes with faster response time. A stumpy pixel response will aid in eradicating the smearing of stirring images and offers a smoother picture than a higher pixel response. If you are considering a monitor especially for gaming then the monitor with low response time would be perfect for you as it might not cause the fatigue on your eyes too.


120 Hz monitors have been introduced especially to equip the 3D system for the monitor. Many monitors cannot aid the 3D technology or they might not support them. A 3D monitor is a piece of fantastic equipment that has been specially made for the gamers as well as the movie buffs as this technology of 3D monitors presents you the most fascinating 3D effect. This can help you get the real-time experience of gamer or watching a movie. Since you are already brewing out a few bucks on the monitor, just pour out a little more bucks and get the 3D technology that will leave you amusing.

5. Refresh rate

The refresh rate of a monitor s nothing but the number of times the monitor can refresh the particular image in a given unit of time. This refresh rate of the monitor is more beneficial for the gamers as the users who have an elevated refresh rate monitor can act in response more swiftly than can users who have an inferior refresh rate monitor.
A superior refresh rate helps to decline the smear on the monitor. One can note the distinction between a 60 Hz and 120 Hz display immediately, while on the other hand others can’t see the same difference. The differentiation amid 120 Hz and 240 Hz is even fainter.


The refresh rate of a monitor influences the input response on the monitor. Decreasing the lag of the monitor by less than ten milliseconds may not seem significant even for the gamers. However, the lag in input response can be tried to be eliminated for some games or for those who like the games to be smooth and effective. So choose the 120 Hz monitor based on the choice of input response. If you want the monitor for gaming then the crisp input response is preferred whereas is the requirement of the monitor is for movies or for any official purpose, the input response can be clearly neglected.


Screen tearing on a monitor occurs when a computer’s video card is spitting out frames at a rate beyond the refresh rate of the monitor connected to it. It’s conspicuous that even the person who doesn’t tend to notice things very often can observe this distraction. A 120Hz display refreshes almost two times more and quickly than compared to a 60Hz display, so it can display up to 120 frames per second. This will get rid of tearing in most monitors. This would be one of the best reasons to prefer a 120 Hz monitor rather than any other lower monitor type.


Warranty and the price of the monitor are some of the most important qualities that you can consider while buying a monitor. If you are a smart buyer, then you could assuredly choose the monitor which is cheap but comes with a wide range of qualities. Simply don’t buy a monitor just because it’s cheap but you also have to check the qualities before you buy one. Also, compare the products from various physical stores as well as the online store before you choose a monitor. Also, do keep a check on the warranty of monitor and do check if there is a minimum of 1 year of warranty.

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