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How to Pair a Speaker To Different Devices

image of a speaker

1. How To Connect Bluetooth Speaker To Laptop? Here is the simple process of connecting a Bluetooth speaker to the laptop; • Power on the speaker first and then switch on the Bluetooth by holding or just clicking the Bluetooth button. (some modern speaker might come with a display so you can switch on through its setting or Bluetooth option). …

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10 Best Vintage Speakers of 2019: Reviews and Buying Guide

best vintage speaker

One characteristic of contemporary society is the advancement of technology. You have to admit that there are now more devices than the human population. Things are getting better and more convenient as time passes by. However, there is one area that technology seems to drag its feet in a way. You have to admit that the newest speakers on the …

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How Does A Speaker Work | An In-depth Analysis

Many people consider the working of a speaker as a complicated process but in reality, the working of the speaker is quite simple, and it requires few parts to create sound. Speakers come in different shape, design and size and each and every model is based on the same principle which is converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. It enables …

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Top 10 Speaker Brands In the World

It has been seen when a regular buyer apart music enthusiasts go out to buy a speaker; they often differentiate between speaker based on their brands . They emphasize a lot on the brand because they feel that by getting a good branded speaker that will enjoy quality as well as durability. So our team has listed the top 10 …

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10 Best Soundbars under $200 in 2019: A Complete Review and Buying Guide

10 Best Soundbars under $200 in 2019: A Complete Review and Buying Guide 21

The affordable soundbar market is vast, and you will be spoilt with choices when you look for the finest model especially under the 200 dollar range. The 200 dollar range is often considered as the benchmark for many efficient soundbars as they a splendid performance at an affordable price. Excited to purchase a new soundbar? However, do you which is …

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Best 5 Karaoke Speakers of 2019 : In-depth Review and Buying Guide

featured image of karaoke speaker

We are all singers at heart. I bet your morning shower concerts are rocking! At least for you, it is. Who cares about anybody else. You just sing your heart out. Now, you are on this website, reading this article; so I know 2 things about you for sure. One, that absolutely love to sing. And two, you are dying …

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Best Party Speakers of 2019: A Complete Buying Guide

Front Image of Sylvania Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Talking of best party speakers? You are at the right place at the right time. Here you’ll find out more about the finest speakers. Have been suffering when hosting parties at your place and get a weak sound? I know you have, you aren’t alone I’ve been there too. Until I discovered the top-notch party speakers for my reunion party. …

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How to Provide a Brilliant Surround for Movies/Games

featured image of a sub-woofer

The sound is an inseparable part, some people may underestimate it and focus more on video, but the sound can create the special atmosphere and make the movie scarier. Building a great audio setup is quite challenging and there are many factors that you should consider. Connecting everything up There are different ways to connect everything up. If you do …

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