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Best Party Speakers of 2019: A Complete Buying Guide

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Talking of best party speakers? You are at the right place at the right time. Here you’ll find out more about the finest speakers. Have been suffering when hosting parties at your place and get a weak sound? I know you have, you aren’t alone I’ve been there too.
Until I discovered the top-notch party speakers for my reunion party.

I know you always dream of portable speakers that you can carry outdoors and take the party outside. For me, I got big portable speakers that were loud enough to entertain my guests.

Listen: High wattage speakers are the finest because they retain the quality of sound. Delivering clear audio to your ears. Learn more about party speakers here, I will give all the details that you require to know before purchasing a super loud speaker.
Buy it now: Wireless speakers are the most ideal because there are actually no cables involved, avoid your guests falling over numerous cables on the floor. I know you like big bass Bluetooth speakers to keep your neighbor up all night.

1. Sony GTKXB7BC High Power Bluetooth Party Speaker

Best Party Speakers of 2019: A Complete Buying Guide 1
The brand Sony has never disappointed anyone when it comes to speakers, and GTKXB7BC from them is one fantastic device with right sound quality and volume for a party. It is a fully feature loaded speaker which is designed to rave-up everyone’s energy in the party.

Main Features:

• ClearAudio+ and Extra Bass technology.
• Party Chain to connect more soundbox.
• Inbuilt party LED lighting.
• Bluetooth with LDAC.
• One-box design.
• Two-way setup.

Features Overview:

Sony GTKXB7BC is a compact party instrument that fills the room with crystal-clear audio quality, and all the credit goes to its ClearAudio+ that adjusts the sound to offer the best sound experience. EDM, Hip-Hop, party music, etc are the ideal genre for a party and to play these hard-hitting bass genres, it utilizes Extra Bass technology that reproduces the exact quality. Need extra sound to pump up the party? Utilize its Party Chain feature which allows you to add more box by syncing them with the technology. You can even utilize this box with TV and other devices to take the audio experience to the next level, and you just have to use the audio input/output.

Sony GTKXB7BC even gets a USB port, which allows you to plug any device and play your desired music.
Connecting a smartphone or tab will be a piece of cake to you as it bags Bluetooth and NFC for seamless music streaming. Apart from its onboard control, you can also use the SongPal app which offers you numerous option like party setting, EQ, DJ effect, toggling, cueing, customizing the light pattern, etc. Don’t have party lights? Need not to worry as it features party LED light that offers a multicolor pattern and rhythm sync lighting. It comes with a two-way design which offers immense flexibility in placement and its built-in sensor automatically adjust the stereo sound.

  • Deep and punchy bass.
  • Exceptional audio clarity with good room filling.
  • It offers host of connectivity options.
  • The LED light is useful for lighting up the party.
  • It is compact and easy to carry.
  • A tad bit expensive.

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2. Aiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Best Party Speakers of 2019: A Complete Buying Guide 2
Aiwa Exos-9 is one of the highest rated party speakers available in the market that neither lacks in performance nor design. Despite its expensive price tag, it has become a rage among young guns and once it starts playing it brings everyone on the dance stage.

Main Features:

• 200-watt output power.
• Five powered drivers and two 6.5inch subwoofers.
• NFC and Bluetooth with A2DP and APTX.
• 5-band onboard graphics equalizer.
• 9hour unplugged playback.
• One-year warranty coverage.

Features Overview:

Aiwa Exos-9 is a top of the line 200-watt speaker that holds the capacity to deliver more than just a pop during the party. Unlike others, it is powered by two 6.5inch dual-voice coil subwoofer and five powered drivers allowing it to produce a punchy, balanced and crisp sound ideal for any party.
You can even link another speaker with this system, and together they can crank up the volume of a large party. It is designed in such a way that it gives you total control over the music and it is because of the five band onboard graphics equalizer with four presets.

Aiwa Exos-9 also avails you the option to customize the equalizer so that it can blend every genre without facing distortion. As an exclusive Bluetooth speaker it comes with the support of A2DP and APTX so you can expect flawless music streaming without any interruption. In addition to Bluetooth, it also offers NFC and an audio 3.5mm jack for direct connectivity.

However, the highlighting part of this speaker is its unplugged sound, and all the credit goes to its 57.2 Whr removal Lithium-ion battery that offers a humungous 9hour playback. Aiwa is always known to pay heed to interests of their customers, and that is why they have included one-year warranty along 1-month full refund.

  • Impressive sound quality without clipping.
  • Clear highs and lows.
  • Proper bass with negligible distortion.
  • Classic body design with a digital panel.
  • Mammoth battery backup.
  • It is slightly expensive.
  • The battery is hard to remove.

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3. Photive M90 Waterproof Bluetooth Party Speaker

Best Party Speakers of 2019: A Complete Buying Guide 3
Photive M90 is a highly reviewed rugged waterproof party speaker that will not only impress you with durability but also with heart-pumping sound. You will find this inexpensive speaker almost universal in every list of best party speakers on the internet and hardly anyone has put up negative against it.

Main Features:

• 20-watt overall output.
• Stereo speaker with passive subwoofer.
• 50000mAh Li-ion inbuilt battery.
• Aluminum body grill with shock-proof design.
• IPX5 water resistant.

Features Overview:

An industrial standard party speaker is an excellent phrase to describe Photive M90 as it gets a brawny build quality and shock absorbing design with aluminum grill and rubberized finish. However, its IPX5 certified waterproof capability gives an edge to its durability allowing it to be the primary musical system in beach or pool parties.
Even though it is a budget device but still its 20-watt stereo speaker delivers rich and high volume music without any distortion. Not only that, it even packs a subwoofer with passive bass radiator capable enough to thrust up the mood of any beach, house or pool party.
Photive M90’s wide frequency range gives it the ability to amplify high frequencies as well as lower bass frequencies. The operation of this speaker is effortless, and all the controls are located on top of the panel. You can use this speaker anywhere without requiring a power source as it bags a 5000mAh Li-ion battery that can keep everyone on the dance floor for 8-10hrs.

It gets the regular 3.5mm audio port for wired connectivity so you can easily connect it with any device. The Bluetooth 4.0 also solves the need for wireless music streaming, and you can even use it for hands-free conversation. It is incredibly lightweight, and with its rubberized handle, you can carry it anywhere.

  • Extremely affordable price point.
  • Loud volume without any distortion.
  • Huge battery life.
  • Crisp sound quality
  • Top-notch build quality with rugged design.
  • Highly effective waterproofing.
  • Limited control options.
  • The bass offers good punch at high volume.

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4. Samson Expedition XP106w Party Speaker

Best Party Speakers of 2019: A Complete Buying Guide 4
Samson Expedition XP106w is a simple looking party speaker that can easily set the energy of the party to a new level once you start playing the song. It might have a midsized body structure, but it holds the capability to offer high volume even in the presence of a large group.

Main Features:

• 100-watt power Class D amplifier.
• 2-way speaker with 1inch driver and 6inch woofer.
• Four channel mixer.
• Bluetooth music streaming.
• Up to 20hour of battery backup.
• One 3/8inch speaker stands mount.

Features Overview:

You can consider Samson Expedition XP106w as a feature-packed professional level speaker that boasts a 2-way speaker enclosure which includes a 1-inch high-frequency driver and 6inch woofer. These drivers are coupled with a Class D 100-watt amplifier, and the amalgamation of these items oozes a clean and rich audio output with decent bass.
To offer optimum music quality, it provides a music/speech switch which optimizes the EQ while you are playing music. If you feel the volume isn’t enough to keep everyone on their heels, then you can utilize its line output to add more speakers.
Experience seamless music streaming with Bluetooth, and you just have to pair your phone or tab.
Apart from being a party speaker, Samson Expedition XP106w also serves as an announcer in a party, and it is due to the Stage XPD1 USB digital wireless system. This 2.4Ghz system bags a 100-inch range handheld dynamic microphone which is connected to the central system through a wireless USB receiver stick.

You can host party anywhere you want as its inbuilt rechargeable battery with 20hour playback, and a battery-level indicator will always be at your service. Unlike others, it features a four-channel mixer that allows you to host a live music session at your party. The mixer includes an XLR-1/4inch combo for the microphone, 1/4inch input for instruments, line output and 1/8inch stereo aux input for stereo devices.

  • Good sound output quality.
  • It doesn’t distort at high volume.
  • Immense battery longevity.
  • Admirable voice clarity.
  • A lot of connectivity option.
  • It is extremely lightweight and easy to mount.
  • Lacks that punchy bass.
  • The design is bland for party.

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5. Polk Audio Atrium 8 SDI Party Speaker

Best Party Speakers of 2019: A Complete Buying Guide 5
You may not have heard about Polk Audio, but it is quite a popular name in the speaker world especially for their Atrium flagship. Atrium 8 SDI belongs to that flagship that has amazed its users with its durability, audio coverage and output quality.

Main Features:

• Six 1/2inch dual-voice coil driver woofer.
• Two 1inch anodized aluminum tweeter.
• Single/dual input switch.
• Powerport technology.
• 250-watt power output.
• Five years warranty.

Features Overview:

Polk Audio Atrium 8 SDI is a beautifully designed stereo speaker that with its white aluminum grill and bracket looks sharper than ordinary stereo units. The stainless steel and brass body with water-resistant coating offer outstanding durability thus allowing it to withstand any extreme weather condition effortlessly.

The heart-pumping output it offers gets everyone in the mood, and it is due to the six 1/2inch dual-voice coil dynamic balance woofer along with two 1inch tweeter with neodymium motor. However, its high power output with low-frequency response makes the impact in the quality as it blocks all the background noise and oozes the deep bass for party music.

The crispness and clarity Polk Audio Atrium 8 SDI deliver with the help of Powerport technology is really ear-soothing, and it directs the airflow downward for better pragmatic. The audio coverage is quite extensive so you can use this speaker for any type of party including beach or rain party. It is geared with a unique single/dual input switch which makes it usable as a single speaker or L/R pair.

Carrying or mounting this speaker is extremely easy because it comes with a one-click speed-locking mounting C bracket with anti-slip grip. Unlike others, it comes with an industry leading 5-years warranty coverage that cover all the parts.

  • Exceptional audio quality.
  • Impressive bass and midrange.
  • Comfortable installation with speed-lock C bracket.
  • It can be combined with other speakers.
  • Brawny and waterproof body design.
  • It is quite heavy in weight.

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6. Polk Audio PSW10 10inch Party Speaker

Best Party Speakers of 2019: A Complete Buying Guide 6
PSW10 is another highly rated party speaker cum subwoofer from Polk Audio that has grabbed everyone’s attention since its entry in the market. It offers an amazing sound output with heavy bass making it an ideal addition to parties where bass genres music is mostly prevalent.

Main Features:

• 100-watt dynamic power output.
• 10inch composite dynamic balance woofer.
• Auto on/off bass.
• Laser-based Klippel measurement technology.
• 3-years warranty coverage.

Features Overview:

Polk Audio PSW10 is an outcome of modern engineering that utilizes a 100-watt dynamic amplifier and a 10inch polymer composite dynamic balance cone driver to deliver deep bass. With an overall frequency response of 35-200hz and laser-based Klippel measurement technology, it oozes out the deep and precise sound quality.

Moreover, it gets a non-resonant all-MDF enclosure construction with internal bracing and a 0.75inch thick baffle which create a profound and thrilling effect with almost zero distortion. This 10inch device holds the capability to play at high volume without any resonance, and its dynamic balance driver with unique design keeps it stable as well as steady.
Polk Audio PSW10 perfectly blends with any high-end musical system, and you will have professional grade RCA, pair analog RCA and speaker level output for connection. It offers the user direct control over the production, and that is why it gets low-frequency crossover control, phase switch, volume control, and speaker level output and an input button. The build quality of this really simple and to help it blend with any party decor it gets dark dual body finish.

Unfortunately, it would be quite difficult for you if you wish to mount or move it as it weighs a whopping 30lbs. Lastly, we can say, once you purchase this woofer you won’t have to worry about repair cost as it gets 3-years parts and labor warranty.

  • Distortion free loud and powerful bass.
  • Auto on/off feature.
  • It has sufficient low frequency for all tracks.
  • Impressive build quality.
  • High-grade ports.
  • It offers all the essential adjustments.
  • The auto on/off feature fails to detect low bass.

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7. Marshall Kilburn Portable Party Speaker

Best Party Speakers of 2019: A Complete Buying Guide 7
Kilburn from legendary speaker manufacturer Marshall is one outstanding device that will give you no chance to complain about its output quality, bass, and design. It might look like an embodiment of classic vintage speaker, but it is loaded with all the modern features that you hardly find in this range.

Main Features:

• 62-20000Hz frequency response.
• 4 inch woofer and 3/4inch dome tweeter.
• 4200Hz crossover frequency.
• Bluetooth 4.0 and 3.5mm aux connectivity.
• 20hr of maximum battery runtime.
• 6.61lbs body weight.

Features Overview:

Marshall Kilburn is an active portable party speaker that with its classic Marshall leather design can easily blend into any rock ‘n roll party. With its front aluminum grill and weather resistant upper cover, it ensures you can use anywhere you want without worrying about durability. This boom-box is geared with two 3/4inc dome tweeter and one 4inch woofer that creates balanced audio with clear mid and distort free high.

However, it’s class D amplifier with bass reflex body design delivers an immense bass for all the songs you play. It has become a favorite instrument for hard rock party, and its exclusive 4200Hz crossover frequency is responsible for it as it delivers bass-heavy sound.
Marshall Kilburn bags a wide 62-20000Khz frequency response and sound pressure of 100db allowing it to deliver a seamless sound quality with almost zero clipping. The onboard control gets a vintage wooden panel design with a gold colored knob, and you will find aux, volume, bass, treble, source, pair and on/off switch. Apart from its 3.5mm plug, it mostly emphasizes on wireless connectivity, and that is why it bags Bluetooth 4.0 for seamless music streaming in the party.
Start your party anywhere you wish without requiring power source because it inbuilt rechargeable battery holds the prowess to playback non-stop music for 20hrs. Moreover, its 3-kg lightweight body and leather strap make it extremely easy for you to carry them.

  • Deep and high-quality bass.
  • Active retro dial for control.
  • Almost nil distortion or clipping.
  • Heavy duty battery life.
  • Light in weight with excellent portability.
  • The absence of playback on-board control.

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Now, it is time to dive into the buying guide which will surely assist you to pick the best party speaker pertaining to your requirement.

8. ION Party Rocker portable Bluetooth speaker system

Best Party Speakers of 2019: A Complete Buying Guide 8
I know you were thinking of a speaker that would turn your home into a dance club. Overthink no more because we have the right speaker for you the ION Party Rocker. Amazed right: This speaker has the ability to stream music via Bluetooth.

This means that it is Bluetooth enabled. Want to know more: It comes with dazzling lights and colorful patterns that project cool colors on your wall and ceiling. It creates a party atmosphere that makes your friends want to sleep over.

The utmost part: The speaker works with different devices that include iPhone, iPad, Android devices and more other devices. This gives you the freedom to use any device to use as a source of music.

Learn more about the ION Party Rocker portable Bluetooth speaker system below


I was told that you are an outdoor kind of person. Here is the speaker you have been waiting for a long time. It has a product dimension of 10*15*20.4 inches and weighs 19.4 pounds. Since you like camping a lot this speaker will not feel heavy.

It will actually make you feel lighter. I know you like hiking a lot and camping is your thing, here we already have the solution for you.

Dazzling lights
Okay: Are you worried about how to entertain your guests during the night? Listen, this speaker is the right speaker to get now. It has colorful lights that project to your wall and ceiling keeping your guests entertained. Trust me this speaker won’t disappoint during your parties.

Party hard: This speaker often fills the room with your latest jams and the dazzling lights bursts on to your ceiling and walls while changing the color spectrum randomly. Look: you can choose to switch off the lights if you don’t need them.

Convenient wireless connection
The party never stops: It has a remarkable Bluetooth wireless connection that works great. This saves you the cost of hassling so much after your playlist starts repeating itself. Here your friends too can stream music straight from their smartphones and listen to their favorite genre or jams.
It connects to iPhone, iPad and Android devices making this speaker an all in one speaker.
Wait, it has a microphone and audio cable included?

This is what I’m talking about now: I know you’ve been struggling all along trying to get a speaker with a high-quality mic. Worry no more because the ION Party Rocker is here, it comes with an audio cable so you can MC the party all night long.

The audio cable is 1/8 (3.5mm)inch connector that gives you the ability to connect music player as a source of music to your speaker.

Powerful Amplifier
This is a winner: The ION Party Rocker has a 50-watt powerful amplifier that delivers crisp sound to your ears making you want more. The speaker power is generally enough for the ideal party.

Easy to Operate
It is so easy to set up and connect a phone to it that your dumbest girlfriend might be able to configure it accordingly. Let’s unleash the monster: It comes with a quick starter guide, a microphone with cable, Aux cable (3.5mm) and a safety and warranty manual.

  • Has Bluetooth connectivity
  • Dazzling party lights
  • Easy to configure and use
  • Affordable price
  • Comes with a high-quality microphone and aux cable
  • It is very small and tiny

See What the Customers are Saying

To nip the bud
    Putting in mind all the extra features that the ION Party Rocker speaker comes with it is important to notice the price is fair. I’ve used this speaker for 3 months now and for sure I can’t complain. First: the Bluetooth connection works well without any sort of buffering.

    Oh my: The dazzling lights are just on another planet. I remember my uncle was asking me where he could get the same speaker as mine. If you are hosting a party it is important to consider that this speaker will be loud enough for your neighbors to join you.

    What are you waiting for? Get the Ion Party Rocker now.

9. ION Audio Tailgater (iPA77) Portable Bluetooth PA Speaker: Greatest tailgate speakers

Best Party Speakers of 2019: A Complete Buying Guide 9
Asking yourself too many questions about the tailgate speakers? Here: The ION Tailgater is the perfect tailgate speaker that you can find. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that provides 50 hours of continuous use.
It has Bluetooth connectivity and supports iOS and Android smartphones making playing favorite tunes from your phone easier. A built-in woofer and tweeter that has a wide dispersion is a must for this one. This will ensure you only get quality music to your hearing.

Interesting is here: The ION tailgater has a USB power bank to ensure that the user refills their phone charge conveniently. AM/FM Radio is a feature that comes with this one. Wait: it has a bright clear display that ensures you get to the right frequency when turning the radio.

Okay, here the breaking point: Learn more about this speaker below as I will give an in-depth feature review leaving all your questions answered by default.


Wait it has rechargeable batteries?
Hell yeah, It comes with an inbuilt rechargeable battery that gives up to 50 hours of continuous use. I know the area you live in has a frequent power outage, with this speaker your party will still go on even when the lights are out.

What, it has a built-in radio?
I know you never saw this coming, it has an inbuilt radio that keep you on track while listening to the latest jams and news. Interesting right: It also has dedicated memory buttons that store at least six radio stations saving you from all the hassle of returning the radio each now and then.
You’ll be surprised to notice that the radio has a very clean FM output.

Auxiliary input
Okay, I know you do not know what auxiliary input stands for. Listen: Auxiliary is a serial port that enables auxiliary inputs from MP3 players, headphones and such. Now you know right, this speaker has an auxiliary port that allows auxiliary inputs of audio signals from an MP3 player and so on.
This makes it easy to get to listen to your old school biggie jams.

USB Power bank
I know you have never heard of such technology in a speaker. The beauty is that it has a power bank that you can use to charge any device. I know your phone’s juice often runs out. In a camping scenario, you will be the Superman of the scenario with this speaker. I’m sure you will get a few girlfriends just by possessing this one.

Wireless Connectivity
Look this is what you all have been waiting for: The ION Tailgater has Bluetooth compatibility and NFC. This means you and your pals can stream music straight from your phones without any buffering. This wireless is so strong that it can operate when 100 feet away. Is it astonishing right? Yes, it is.

This wireless connectivity feature often saves you the hassle of always being near to the speaker, this keeps you and your friends in touch since you aren’t leaving to go and get nearer to the speaker so that it doesn’t buffer.

Powerful Speakers
Wondering how loud is the ION tailgater: This speaker is loud enough to get your landlord to write you an eviction notice. These speakers are loud enough to keep your party going on all night long. Your jealous neighbor will always call the cops on you and make sure you get arrested.

Because of the king of power, this speaker has that won’t let anyone try to switch their radios on

  • Has Bluetooth and NFC connectivity
  • Loudspeakers
  • Inbuilt power bank
  • Has a 50-hour battery life
  • Affordable price
  • Has Bluetooth issues
  • Terrible microphone

See What the Customers are Saying

To nip the bud
    Here: Above is an in-depth review of the ION Tailgate speaker. I know all your questions have now been answered and you are now comfortable purchasing the speaker. I heard that you like hosting parties at your place.

    This is the ultimate speaker to purchase for all your sound related purposes. I have sold it for 4 months now and for sure there is nothing out there that sounds much better than this speaker. All my relatives and friends have been luring me by giving me offers to sell it bubo way.

    If you’re keen: check out all the remarkable features that come with this speaker like NFC, FM radio and a power bank. It is the ultimate go-to machine that has everything in one pack.

10. Rockville ROCKBOX 6.5″100-watt: Top 100-watt Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker w USB/SD

Best Party Speakers of 2019: A Complete Buying Guide 10
Wondering what is the top-grade speaker for you? The Rockville Rockbox is the ultimate device for you. It is a 100-watt multipurpose portable powered Bluetooth speaker. It has a powerful battery that lasts up to 24 hours.
Crazy right: it has 100watts peak power and 50 watts normal power. This is enough to get you listening to your old school jams without no problem. It has Bluetooth connectivity making it easy to stream all your songs.

The fun never stops: The Rockville Rockbox has USB support to makes sure that all your music playback from your USB drive is played. SD card support when you feel like playing music from your memory card. It supports up to 32 GB of SD memory.

It has the universal 3.5mm Aux input making sure you can connect all the auxiliary audio signals from any device starting from MP3 players to phones. Let’s get to the fun part: It has an FM Tuner built in to keep you up to date with the latest news and jams.

I promise a full in-depth review of this speaker and get all your unanswered questions answered.


Rechargeable battery
The Rockville Rockbox has a 6000 mAH lithium battery that lasts for about 24 hours. This is a long time considering it is 24 hours on continuous use. Worry no more about power outages, this speaker has come to let you continue listening to your jams even though the power is out.

What’s its speaker power?
Anxious right: Okay if you look at this speaker you will notice that it doesn’t have many watts. This is because it is a small portable speaker. Given its size, this speaker has a generous power if you compare it to the similar speakers in the market.

This speaker has 100 watts peak power and 50 watts at normal mode.

Does it have Bluetooth? Yes. It has Bluetooth connectivity. This is inbuilt to this speaker to ensure that you can stream all the music from your smartphone without any sort of buffering. It has a strong Bluetooth connection of 65 feet.

Built-in FM Radio
It has a built-in FM radio with memory presets that makes it easy saving and listening to your favorite stations. It has a clear reception which will surely impress you and your friends.

Auxiliary Input
This feature enables the user to connect the foreign device by the use of an auxiliary cable. This makes it easy to use because you can connect loads of different devices and play music from them as the source of the audio signal.
I know you have very picky friends who listen maybe to only the music on your phone.

Frequency Response
The Rockville Rockbox has a frequency of 40 HZ – 18 KHz this gives you a deep bass making it loud and clear enough for your friends. This will make your friends dance to the beat all night. The bass won’t get your neighbors awake but it is enough sound for a small party with friends.

LCD Screen
Look: it has an LCD screen that is built in. This screen ensures that you as the user has all the important information on the screen. Ever tuned a radio without a screen to display the frequency? I know you have this makes one get frustrated at some point.

Product dimensions
This speaker has the dimension of 12.6*10.2*14.57 inches and weighs around 8.17 LBS. It has a compact design that makes it look firm. It is so lightweight that a three-year-old child can carry it for you.
If you are that camping kind of guy this is the ideal speaker because it is light and has a compact design. I’m sure this speaker will not disappoint you.

Mic Input
Can you believe it: It has a microphone input that is actually very useful while trying to address a large audience. The mic has echo functionality and has separate volume control and echo control. For sure this was unexpected, a microphone port on such a small portable speaker.
This is the interesting part: The Rockville Rockbox speaker has a very compact design and its also lightweight. The engineers at Rockville spent 6 months designing the Rockbox and look at what they brought to the table. A compact looking speaker that is lightweight and does not compromise in quality.

Easy to use
Okay on the first look the Bluetooth is very easy to set up, operating the FM radio tuner and adjusting the volume seems to be very simple. It is light and can be carried everywhere. It has a very good battery life of 24 hours. It is fitted with a metal grill to protect it from all sorts of damage.

  • It is lightweight
  • Has Bluetooth connectivity
  • Has FM radio inbuilt
  • Affordable price
  • Has a compact design
  • After long use, the battery dies
  • Doesn’t have enough bass

See What the Customers are Saying

Buying Guide for the Best Party Speaker

Music is the heart and soul of any party be it a silent Sufi night or jazz up night out. In the era of digital streaming listening to great music is at the tip of your fingers but a good speaker is essential to enjoy good music.

A good speaker can enhance the feel or create an awful atmosphere, as it all comes down to the medium of music the speakers. A good speaker can fill in the air with a lively vibe, making your feet’s dance to the tune while a bad one can just make you a no-show at all. Music is the first thing you notice when you enter a room, party or event.

It sets the tone for the moment onwards. Of course, the choice of the playlist is the primary element but you can’t ignore the speakers they are an equally vital element for a successful party. It’s easy to notice awful music or speaker. Apart from the terrible selection of songs the sound output from a low-quality speaker giving out thin or muddled music is one thing you owe to avoid.

The festive season is around the block, and that calls for a round of parties. While you may have various other factors to consider we have got you covered with the fun part. Music is more than often the only fun part of the party. Good music is the ”do or die” element of a party. After all, it’s a crime to play a boring playlist and a sin to play a good one on a super bad speaker.

Every party is a reflection the host, be it the food menu, decoration, ambiance, music or speakers. While all other elements are personalized and vary according to the hosts choice or personality, speakers are the only factor that strikes the cord for all alike.
There are arrays of modern speakers so it’s good to be aware of features they offer so that you can choose the one that matches your style while enjoying the device at its maximum potential to groove the guest. We are here to help you select the best speakers to rock your party like a pro.

The key to audio bliss is to empower yourself with the knowledge to choose the best one.
Below are the factors to consider before you select your party speaker that adds life to your party:

• Picture the purpose

What exactly do you need to buy speakers for, is it a beach party, an indoor house party, a backyard or garage party. Decide the purpose and you are half way done through the list. A beach or pool party would need water and dust-proof speaker.
An outdoor event needs a multi-point pairing speaker that allows dual or multiple devices pairing to connect two speakers. A speaker for an in-house party or indoor event is the easiest to choose from, as you just need to focus on the sound output of the device.

• Battery Life

Regardless of the purpose, this one is a standard for all. It is vital for the speakers to have decent battery life, as a charging point or a dead speaker is the last thing you want to bother about when you host a party or event.
There is no point in owning the latest device with lots of features if the battery dies quickly. Consider speakers that can be charged a USB or a car charger as well to save the trouble of charger hunt every time. Sound output and battery life has to be the primary factor while deciding on buying a device rest all features are added advantages to the buy

• Sound Quality

It isn’t a party if there are no loudspeakers playing the best music track. The best part is where the neighbors are angry yet delighted with the sound and only a good speaker can pull up this magic trick, that ways it can add to the excitement of police showing up at the doorstep as well so beware.

That being said ensure you check the sound output when subjected to extreme or maximum output if you are looking out for a full blow ranger to shake the neighborhood. Choose the one that gives clear mids and highs with a natural bass as that will ensure you tap to awesome music.

We have observed speakers of some very nice brands (Read about top 10 speaker brands) deliver slight distortion at peak volume. Most of the good speakers deliver frequencies between 100HZ to 20,000 Hz. Choose the one that delivers the cleanest natural output.

• Portability

Portability is also an important feature to consider. It’s important for a speaker to be hands and lightweight as the party on the go is trending these days. Technology has spoiled us in ways and reflects in every aspect of life. Movability is one of them that require portability.
Some people are of the opinion that large systems are more powerful but contrary to the fact many small portable speakers offer crisp and clear sound quality, so check the quality some small devices are more power-packed than many big size options in the market.

• Durability & waterproof

With an array of the activity-oriented speaker, you can opt for speakers that are weatherproof irrespective of the destination or purpose as accidents can happen indoor too. Opt for speakers that are durable so that it is ideal for indoors as well as the outdoor event.
A powerful device that is reliable and durable has the potential to be your best accessory on the go be it a party or an adventure trip that needs a waterproof, drop proof and dust proof feature. If you are a sucker for adventure then this feature needs to be checked before you swipe your card.

• Connectivity

Connectivity is a vital factor to consider in the digital era where most of the playlist is played right from the internet. Nobody wants the trouble to pair the device multiple times hence the range o connectivity is a must at the checklist. Good speakers offer multi-unit pairing and remain connected to the source flawlessly across 30 – 40 feet across the rooms.
With a huge variety and types to choose from it’s no surprise to wonder which one is the best one for you. The option is endless with plenty of unique selling points, some are rugged, some are stylish, and some are weatherproof and many more features to consider. Choose the one that matches your needs and

Final Words

    You feel fulfilled right: The Rockville Rockbox is a very good speaker if you look at its price and the service that it delivers. For me, I’ve owned a Rockbox for 8 months now and for sure there is no speaker at its price that suppresses the Rockbox.

    I often use it for seven days straight without charging it. I know you are a camping kind of guy, this speaker will get you laid even before you think about a girl. Due to its compact design and lightweight the speaker gets you girlfriends by default.

    What will get your friends and family amused is the battery life I do not know of a device that has such great battery life. Often you’ll get your relatives chilling in your house just to get to see and listen from this great speaker.

    This speaker has got many extra features that come with it. At its price, I actually did not expect some of the features that are included here like the FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity, and long battery life. We all have to give it up to the Rockville company.

    As I promised I have given an in-depth review of what features the Rockville Rockford carries.

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