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Best 5 Karaoke Speakers of 2019 : In-depth Review and Buying Guide

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We are all singers at heart. I bet your morning shower concerts are rocking! At least for you, it is.

Who cares about anybody else. You just sing your heart out. Now, you are on this website, reading this article; so I know 2 things about you for sure. One, that absolutely love to sing. And two, you are dying to buy a karaoke speaker. You are tired of grabbing the mic in other parties. Now you want to rule it in your house. I hear from you.

I am glad you are seriously considering to buy a karaoke speaker. Your friends are going to be stumped to see how good you have become. Your everyday practice will be our little secret.

There is a large selection of speakers available in the market. Choosing can be tough. Pick out the best karaoke speaker from the narrowed down list given here.

1. ION Audio Tailgater (iPA77): The Best karaoke Speaker

Best 5 Karaoke Speakers of 2019 : In-depth Review and Buying Guide 1
The speaker brings the energy with it. This monster of a speaker is best for a house party. It goes on for up to 50 hours in a single charge, has high energy and does not run on electricity. It is very convenient for an outdoor karaoke party. Believe me, it’s loud!


The ION iPA77 can be charged through a cable which also acts as a power supply. You will need to plug it in for 12 hours to get the speaker to charge to full capacity. But this charge will last you for a continuous 10 hours of playback. Isn’t that awesome?

N standby, the hours can increase quite substantially. The power cable can recharge the battery as well as work as a power supply when the battery runs out. So if you have access to electricity, there is nothing to worry about.


Imagine a power bank of this size!

Yes, a battery this huge can come in handy when you are hosting an outdoor party and have lots of phones that need charging. Or maybe while out on a camping trip. It can charge a phone, a tablet or even a kindle.


The ION Tailgater connects multiple devices all at once. The Bluetooth connectivity of the speaker supports Android and iOS devices and will connect all of them within the range. The range is also quite good. It connects devices from a range of 100 feet. You just need to install a free app on your mobile and you can control the speaker.


Things can become as digital as they want, but radio is never going out of our life. Every once in a while we need our favorite AM or FM to enjoy our favorite DJ. This need makes the Radio feature with a quality display an ultimate winner in the speaker. The functionality is incredibly easy to operate and the crisp and clear sound will make it even more awesome.

Bulky design

The speaker is sure bulky. It is 17 pounds, so not that heavy but sure looks like it. It measures 12.5 x 9.20 x 13 inches, which is a good portable seat while using the outdoors. Sitting on it while playing might make you vibrate so it can get weird. But when it’s not playing, it’s really comfy.

The glossy black speaker is made of plastic, metal, and leather. It is a really old-school design and might not appeal to the sophisticated person. The design makes the speaker durable too. The corners are reinforced to increase the endurance and save it from bumps and falls. The LCD display in the front is made of neon blue in a metallic frame.

You get a 1/8-inch aux input cable, 2 microphones and aux cables while you purchase the speaker.


Though it looks like a black cube, the speaker is quite capable of stealing all awards. Just like the robust exteriors, the sound produced by Tailgater is also deep and of amazing quality. Any party you bring this bad boy to is going to be an incredible one.

The speaker comes with support for dynamic surround sound line, a 16-watt power, and a 2-way crossover channel. There is also a 50-watt audio amplifier with a perfect sound signature range between 77 Hz and 20 kHz.

The sound output is powerful but it lacks a little when it comes to deeper bass lines. For high bass, you will need to add a woofer to it. Actually, any speaker with a low FR limit of 77 Hz will not produce bass-heavy sounds. If you experience any distortion, you can play around with the equalizer to make it better. There is a tweeter on the side of the speaker which will let you adjust the sound any way you want.

It is high standard equipment which performs perfectly even on full volume. I have not noticed any distortion while playing music filled with overlapping sounds. The sound travels pretty nicely. You can be in the woods, your backyard or even in a park and with tons of people talking, you will be able to enjoy the music.


The speaker is not exactly light-weight. Of course, it is portable but if you are on the lithe side, it is going to be difficult for you to carry it on a camping trip. It is not an issue if you have to carry it for a short time. There are no wheels on the speaker so it can mean a little inconvenience while carrying it around frequently.

But along with that, the quality of the body is sturdy. You can pair it with your phone or tablet, prepare a playlist and enjoy the party. And after all the food is done, you can use the high-quality mic provided with the speaker and get the karaoke going.


Excellent sound, sturdy frame, and long battery life; what is not there to like?

Party all night in the woods, sing your heart out. The speaker is your bro!

  • Classic retro design
  • Bluetooth range of 100 feet
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Battery life of up to 50 hours
  • High-quality sound
  • A little heavy
  • Recharging the battery takes time
  • Disappointing bass

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2. JBL EON208P Portable All-in-One 2-way PA System with 8-Channel Mixer and Bluetooth: The Runner up

Best 5 Karaoke Speakers of 2019 : In-depth Review and Buying Guide 2
I first used JBL when the EON range started coming into the market. Since then I have seen the range of speakers become bigger in size and lesser in weight. Whenever I listen to the JBL EON208P, I feel that it is perfect for DJs too. You can just haul them and carry them wherever you want.


The speaker can be carried with just one hand. It weighs 25 pounds so it’s not like a light as a feather. But it has been made to look like a suitcase so that you can gather it up and carry it with the help of the handle given. It will feel like any other night bag you carry. It is about the size of a small suitcase where the 3 parts come free for a musical setup. It is compact and quite light to carry around easily. You can just put it in your truck and take it wherever you want to go.


Bluetooth was a surprising aspect of this entire setup. There are so many wired connectivity options that I just did not expect it to have such good Bluetooth connectivity. But it is always nice to control the music remotely. You don’t have to be glued to the speaker for managing your music. It has a range of 50 to 75 feet which is good enough. It is a nice addition to the impressive karaoke system. It is so convenient while singing. You don’t have to leave the stage spot to change the song.


You will realize there is a lot on offer even at the first glance of the speaker. But you will not realize just how much until you dig deeper. It looks small but packs a punch.

EON208P has 2 stereo channels, 4 mono channels with Reverb availability on mono inputs. There is a load of outputs too. There is provision for monitors, headphones, speakers, and sub-woofer.

The input section of the mixer includes 8 channels. 1-4 channels can accept an XLR cable or a 1/4-inch instrument cable. In addition to that, channels 1-3 allow for phantom power and Hi-Z inputs. Channels 5 and 6 can accept stereo RCA cables or ¼-inch TRS plugs. Channels 7 and 8 are the ones for a 3.5 mm stereo input for mobile and tablet devices.

And of course, there is Bluetooth. You can rock the karaoke with singer duo and an acoustic guitar.


The design is very thoughtful and multifunctional. It’s like, where do I even begin describing?

One of the best design features is the portability. The twin 8” speakers and a 8” channel mixer lock together to form a small suitcase with a handle. It is the most compact and lightweight design for a karaoke speaker of this stature. Behind the mixer, there is space for storage of cords, and microphone. All together weighs near 40 pounds in total.

The mixer can look a little complicated at first, but it is not that difficult once you start using. The mixer has controls for adjusting bass, treble, reverb, channel volume, and master volume.


The sound quality is jaw-dropping. It is one of the best I have heard.

The 300-watt sound power coming from an 8” speaker is amazingly clear, crisp and loud. When you turn the volume to full, you can hear the sound from 2 football fields away. It can go up to 121 Db but I doubt you will need it to be that high. Unless you are hosting a concert of course.

Even on full volume, I did not notice any distortion or noise in the music flowing through the speakers. It supports heavy bass really well. There is no separate sound control for Bluetooth channel but the main volume controller will do the trick.


There are a couple of minor quibbles but they too have a workaround. The JBL EON208P does not come with a manual but it is very easy to find the document on the internet. You will need t to understand the system at first, but it is still pretty easy.

Otherwise, I think this speaker is freaking awesome for a karaoke party of 75 people.

  • 8-channel mixer provides a lot of options
  • Excellent sound quality and bass support
  • Easily transported
  • Cables and microphone are included in the package
  • No volume control for Bluetooth
  • The pre-amp circuits on mic channels are a little disappointing

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3. Rockville RPG122K Dual 12″ Powered Speakers

Best 5 Karaoke Speakers of 2019 : In-depth Review and Buying Guide 3
The RPG122K is a perfect addition to your party list. These give an amazing listening experience and a complete control over the music. These speakers give a new meaning to loud and clear.


You can connect your phone or tablet through a USB cable and start the playback. Or you can just plugin the thumb drive and play songs directly from there.
Isn’t that cool?


You can play music on these speakers from any Bluetooth enabled devices. It is compatible with all types of phones and tablets and the range is also quite good. It is very useful when you have to move around in a party and the speakers are obviously stationary.


When you just want to let someone else do the selection of songs for you, you can go for the radio option. You will find it is really fun listening to your favorite FM station on the Rockville RPG122K. The back panel has an LCD screen which displays the station and other MP3 functions.


The USB input and SD input are great options for your playback needs. Apart from that, there is Bluetooth too. There are 2 mic inputs, volume, bass and treble controls, 2 channel amp and 3.5 mm output jacks too.


The speakers are long-lasting. But that does not mean you will behave as you want with them. The RPG122K are made of first-class ABS material so they won’t break easily. But you can’t be violent with them, of course. But with normal use, these can last for years.

Cleary the speakers are not exactly lightweight. But the handle on the side is ergonomically placed to make lifting the speakers easy and convenient. The biggest plus point about the speakers are the stands. You can put them up for the party and enjoy the experience. But always keep in mind that the quality of the stands is not too great. You have to be careful while storing them too.

The black design looks terrific and the 12” speakers give out a lot of sounds.

There is Bluetooth connectivity but still, there is a remote control with the speakers which lets you control your music from afar. The mic is also good in sound quality but the build is not that great. It is made of flimsy plastic and the wiring is also doubtful. The length of the mic wire is also a little less for my taste. As such the length is not that short, but it is inconvenient while in an outdoor setup.


When it comes to sound, the speakers will blow your mind away. The RPG122K can produce 100-watts of peak power and 250 watts of RMS.

Amazing, isn’t it?
For clear highs, you have the 25 mm tweezers on the side. There are a built-in amplifier, 12” woofer and a 2” aluminum coil to make sure you get great bass. The sound is so rich; you can absolutely forget about distortion.


These speakers are really the best option for organizing a party. There is no limit to what you can do. There is a provision for connecting 2 mics. So have a karaoke face-off. I hope you win!

  • Lots of input options
  • Rich sound with the high bass ability
  • Sleek design
  • Mic included in the package
  • The stands are made of bad quality
  • The mic quality is not good
  • The short length of wire

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4. Ion Audio MAIN-80512ION Audio Party Rocker Plus

Best 5 Karaoke Speakers of 2019 : In-depth Review and Buying Guide 4
The Ion Audio MAIN-80512ION is a self-reliant party organizer. It is easy to move, weighs much less and has a disco light on top. Make your karaoke session colorful and memorable. The dazzling lights will make sure you don’t need any other lights.


The speaker has an amazing battery. Upon full charge, it can last for up to 75 hours of playback. Ion takes portability very seriously. That is why they have made sure the speaker does not stop in the middle of the party because of low battery power. You can enjoy the music and the light show for 6 hours un-interrupted on the full charge. It can also act as a power bank for your devices.


In today’s world, the absence of Bluetooth is unthinkable. You can stream music from multiple Bluetooth-enabled devices while in the vicinity of the speaker. Wires can be so outdated sometimes.
But if you want to go the old fashioned way, there is always aux input.


The Ion Audio MAIN-80512ION is a black block which you can bring to any party where music is needed. It just weighs 20 pounds and has convenient holding grips on the sides form moving easily. It just feels like a box of personal belongings while you are carrying it around.

The speaker is made of high-quality material and is rugged. That actually makes transporting the speaker easy. The sturdy and durable design makes sure it is not easily damaged and that it stays for years.
And the lights, oh boy.
The light on the top is not just any disco light. It is like a light show. The lights will pulsate through the room in 6 colors – red, green, white, blue, orange and pink. The patterns will match the rhythm of the music. Enough to get anyone dancing.
Do you think this is awesome?
Wait, I have more. There are 4 adjustment modes – Auto, beat sync, single color, and freeze. You can jazz it up according to the mood of the party.


It is not just about the lights. The sound quality will also surely impress you. The 50 watts of power and 77 – 20,000 Hz frequency response means some serious sound quality. It means that even on full volume you can listen to EDM and the sound will be clean and crisp. No distortion at all.
If that is not enough for you, you can amplify the sound by using the 1/8 inch input. There is ¼” input for the microphone. So get that karaoke started already!
There is just one thing, the mic volume is not that loud. Even at the highest volume, it is not party loud. Plug in your favorite instrument and show your talent to the world.


Now that you know the incredible speaker inside out, I am sure you can’t wait to throw a party. It has everything. It also provides the party light. Sing your heart out. The Ion Audio MAIN-80512ION will stay with you in thick and thin.

  • Durable build and design
  • The battery power of up to 6 hours’ continuous playback
  • The lights are dazzling
  • Easy control panel
  • The mic volume is too low

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5. PRORECKPARTY 15 Portable 15-Inch 2000 Watt 2-Way Powered PA Speaker System

Best 5 Karaoke Speakers of 2019 : In-depth Review and Buying Guide 5
The Proreck Party 15 is a substantial pair of speakers with high specifications and awesome range. With plenty of input options, it will rock your party!

I have to say the immediate selling point of these speakers is the combo set. But the fact that is of great quality does not hurt either.

Multipurpose PA system

This is not just about the speakers. It is a 9-piece set. The PA system comes with the powerful sound of an active speaker, a passive speaker, a microphone, 30 feet cable, a power cable, a wireless remote, a mic cable as well as 2 stands. It is an all-in-one set.


The unit is too versatile. It has USB, Bluetooth playback, SD card reader, and even FM radio function. And setting and choosing the mode is too easy with the LCD display. the unit also comes with remote control. So you can change the modes whenever you like but you don’t have to leave your place. You can do it from far away.

The MP3 and Mic volume can be controlled by smooth rotary knobs which are easy to spin. And of course, there are controls for bass and treble. The inputs and outputs are more than enough too. There is a ¼” mic input with RCA line inputs and outputs. There is also a speaker output to meet daily needs.


The sleek black speakers come with a lot of controls and a display above the 15” speaker. The speakers are made ruggedly, as are the stands.

Their idea of portability is slightly different from usual.

Portable speakers do not mean battery operated speakers for Proreck. For them it means wheels. Yes, you read it right! These speakers come with 2 easily movable wheels at the bottom.

Gives a completely new meaning to rock and roll.

At the highest volume, the LED lights are breath-taking. But the mic quality is not so good.


This is a high-performance set of speakers. It has the capacity to produce 200 watts RMS and 2000-watts audio output. Connect the active and passive speakers through the speaker jack and mount them on the stand. Now pump up the volume and enjoy the show as the 4 colors of the LED lights pop up automatically. It is brilliant.

The sound is quite louder than expected and really clear and crisp. The passive speaker consists of the 15-inch woofer and the active speaker has a built-in amplifier. The frequency range of the speakers is from 50 to 20,000 Hz.


At 86 pounds, these cannot be exactly lifted and transported. But the wheels sure come in handy. But because they are not battery operated, you need to make sure you have a power source while going for the outdoor party. But the USP is the sound and performance, which is undeniably great.

  • Sound does not diminish at high volume
  • Friendly customer service
  • 2 wheels for transportation
  • Built-in LED lights
  • Mic build is a little flimsy
  • Light control could be better

See What the Customers are Saying

    Final verdict

    Now that you know there are 5 very good options for you out there, you need to decide on your needs. All of them have their downsides. But they don’t need to matter to you. It all depends on your requirements.
    Buy one, plug in the mic and throw the most fantastic karaoke party of the year. Don’t forget to invite me!

A Definite Buying Guide for the Best Karaoke Speaker

Everyone has that one song on your playlist that you want to sing out loud. The love of music gets you to level where you feel like sharing the lyrics with the world yourself. Karaoke makes you marry that concept with an added fun element.

If the excitement of a new song running on your mind makes you grab the mike and sing out aloud then you need to own a good pair to speakers. It makes a great addition to your collection and provides wholesome musical entertainment for every occasion.

We all are singers at heart; music is the best companion is all highs and lows of life. Besides everybody is a rock star under the shower, behind the closed doors of bathrooms aren’t we? Everyone has secretly dreamed about being a rock star but a few with special talent make it to the job luckily with karaoke speakers you can feel the rush whenever you feel like it.

If you are the one who is all up for a karaoke night out with your friend’s then karaoke speakers are exactly what you should look for.
For some people, professional speakers are serious business. While you can go to any karaoke bar and sing the song that’s been on your mind for a while but nothing beats having your own karaoke system with a world class quality speakers that have optimum output.
Getting onboard with a karaoke speaker is something that will take your singing to the next level over the horizon. The results are never disappointing even for the terrible singers. A good karaoke set up is long hours of unlimited fun for every age and size present around.
When singing among the strangers don’t sound more of you get a karaoke speaker to become the public singer among your loved ones.
Karaoke speakers that are introduced for entertainment, is an orchestra like set up where anyone can sing a song with a music track. They have a monitor to display the lyrics clearly, the microphone is used to amplify the voice and speakers for the high-quality sound output.

Buying your own karaoke machine is an excellent way to enjoy a musical night with your family or friends. Master a song and practice it to become a pro or just use this as a relaxing activity to harbor your hobby.
Each machine contains different features and technologies to suit different needs. The price differs not just with design but with various add-on features.
The best karaoke speaker will not only enhance your voice but it can be a great teacher as well for the music lovers as the output sound can help you improve your sharpening skills and the vocal modulations to sing on certain notes.
Many factors are to be considered while choosing a karaoke speaker that adds life to your singing. Though the excitement of singing makes you jump and purchase the very next speakers you have your eyes on but to experience the true essence and magic of karaoke it is significantly important to have an excellent speaker which is equipped with karaoke features.

How to choose Karaoke Speakers: Buying Guide for Karaoke Speaker

We have compiled together a list of feature to look for before you buy a karaoke speaker so that you can just strike the checklist and jump straight into purchase mode:

• Portability

The space in which karaoke is to be performed can vary every time, after all its, not a single-use device and is probably going to be used for every party you have once you have acquired the addition. It is indoor vs outdoor, a number of invitees, space and various other factors hence portability is the number one feature you need to check with.
Best thing would be speakers on the wheels like the drag luggage bags as it would facilitate easy moving of the speakers and minimizes the chances of any physical damage while on the go during transportation.

• Battery

A karaoke speaker with a rechargeable set of batteries gives you more versatility, as while singing you don’t have to worry about the draining battery and the fun spoiler halt of the musical night. Besides, you don’t always have to be near a wall socket to keep the speakers ON.

• Connectivity

The modern day digital world with multiple technologies and Bluetooth connectivity demand auxiliary inputs and multiple device connectivity so that you can run your karaoke app with crisp sound quality and also connect an additional speaker if needed to groove the entire neighborhood.

• Wattage

The wattage rating of your speaker gives you a clear idea about the decibel output of your speakers. 1 watt can easily cover up 1sq/m area, 50 watt speaker is enough to buzz 50 sq/m, just figure out the average area you would be using the speakers for after all loud does not always mean good, you don’t want the grumpy neighbors and the knocking police to show up at the venue.

• Additional Features

Speakers are mostly long-term assets, besides there is very little other than the singer’s voice. Hence it calls for proportionally more powerful speakers than usual to get the desired output like a rock band.

We suggest go for the one with built-in additional features, regular karaoke speakers are fine for occasional use at home but for an outdoor or a more professional feel, you need a quality speaker with fabulous add-on features.

Speaker being only one part of the entire karaoke sound system, it is essential to check that is matches or goes along with other components of the set up you own or planning to buy.

If you are a new karaoke fan go for a straightforward set up that is easy for beginners learning to optimize its usage. We hope the filtered information helps to buy the best karaoke speakers as now you know what you should look for and the best-rated product that you can consider.

If you are a beginner try to limit on the functionalities it would be easy to operate and a good fit on your pocket.
Rock the party with the best speaker in town
Karaoke speakers are the best addition to your list of acquisition. However, it can be a little hard to choose which speaker strikes the cords for you. A true karaoke fan will cut no corners and this one fits the bill while it costs you a pretty penny compared to others in the market but comes with all the essential bells and whistles.

Its portable design and built-in woofer deliver booming sound with a natural pitch correct feature to decrease vocals on standard music. It works with your smartphones, tablet, and computers. Just sync it with your favorite karaoke app and be the rock star of the day.
It is a pure mean of entertainment that can make illuminate your event or party and make it an affair to remember. Regardless of the karaoke speakers you buy, it is sure to create countless beautiful memories with your loved ones in the journey called Life

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