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Best 43 Inch TV 2019: A Complete Review and Buying Guide

Best 43 Inch TV 2019: A Complete Review and Buying Guide
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Are you looking for the best 43-inch tv? Read our extensive buying guide.

43inch TV size serves as the sweet spot for most of the buyers as it is not too big for an apartment nor small for a large entertainment room. Many manufacturer significantly emphasis on this size as every new buyer tend to cling towards 43inch.

Given so many models in the market, it is hard for many to choose the ideal one as a lot of question cross their mind. Which brand will be okay? What are features I should look for? Whether it will suit my room? Well to save you from that miserable position we have created a curated list of best 43inch TV that we feel will suffice all your demand.

Smart or normal, our team has listed some of the gems of the TV market, and we are quite sure you won’t regret your decision once you buy any one of them. Our experts test all the models we have listed so you can stay assured you are getting the right products.

1. Samsung 43 inches 4K Smart LED TV UN43MU6300FXZA: The Best 43 Inch TV

Best 43 Inch TV 2019:  A Complete Review and Buying Guide 1
Samsung has really done a good job producing this 43 inches smart 4k TV. Just imagine it has 4x more pixels than full HD. This means that you’re getting 4 times the resolution and you won’t be able not to notice the clear difference.
Is there 4k on Netflix? Definitely, if your device is 4K compatible Netflix will give an option of 4K or Ultra high definition.
Actually, 4k and UHD are more of the same thing it’s just that they got different names.
The standard 43 inches dimension is 37.5”95.3 cm and 21.1”53.6cm.
Do you need a special HDMI cable for 4k? No, you don’t, as long as the signals are being transmitted its okay.


4K UHD (Ultra High Definition)
This TV has 4 times pixels than full HD am sure you’ll lose your eyesight once you look and the resolution it outputs. This redefines the viewing experience by outputting a colorful HDR High Dynamic Range) output.
This feature comes with the Samsung Smart TV user interface (UI). This ensures that the user has an easy time while using the TV, not forgetting that it also comes with one remote with voice navigation to provide a faster and easier too.
Just assume you’re just Netflix and chilling with your girlfriend and you can operate your smart TV with your voice. There is nothing that more heavenly like that.
This Smart Tv comes armed with a wide range of inputs and outputs which are; two USB Ports,1 Ethernet port,3HDMI ports, 1 component input, 1 RS232C serial interface, 1 composite input, and 1 RF inputs. This ensures that the TV can be connected to multiple devices and serve its purpose well.
4K Colour Drive
This feature is armed with the Samsung smart TV to ensure that you enjoy more vibrant colors that are pure with results to a very realistic experience. Trust me your girlfriend will never break up with you even when you’re in the wrong.
Sharp Contrast
This Samsung Smart Tv has sharp contrast meaning you can see two objects standing out from each other since they are different. Your relatives will surely get addicted to your TV and am sure you’ll be ready to host a couple of people.
It also comes with immersive viewing capturing all your 5 sense and making sure your full brain is concentrated to the TV. I have small nephews who are often captured by my Samsung Smart UHD 4K TV.
Samsung Smart Hub
This is a feature that provides all your favorite TV show in the press of a button. It makes it easy and entertaining to use this Smart Tv since all the movies are accessible without any hustle.
One remote
This feature gives control to all your devices and automatically detects and controls all your connected devices without any manual programming. It is used with compatible devices which are connected to the same network.
Wi-Fi Compatibility
It has Wi-Fi compatibility meaning that it has the ability to connect to a Wi-Fi network in order to update or even watch online content using the Samsung smart hub.

  • It’s 4k (UHD)
  • Has OneRemote technology inbuilt
  • Has Sharp contrast
  • Wi-Fi compatibility
  • Built-in cheap material
  • Can use Netflix unless you agree on the Samsung ads

See What the Customers are Saying

In a nutshell
    The Samsung smart TV has a pure picture and audio quality. Honestly, the quality is very satisfying in the sense that it has an Eco mode that adjusts the screen brightness according to the ambient lighting in the living room. This is what I call smart technology, it can do things on its own.
    I wouldn’t fail to give credit to the 1080p and 4k video output was just stunning. The edge-lit LED technology to ensure that black is a true deep black which gives a clean real picture.
    After considering all those factors the Samsung smart TV remains to be an excellent choice for people who treasure clarity in the video output.

2. Best Sony 43 inch 4K TV : Sony XBR43X800E 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Best 43 Inch TV 2019:  A Complete Review and Buying Guide 2
Sony has done a great job with this 4K TV, it works hand in hand with Alexa enabling the user voice control but Alexa is bought separately. Its dimensions id 38*22 3/8 *2 ¼ inches with no stand present but has 42*26*6 inches when the stand is present. It comes with a feature called smart functional through that gives you access to all your favorite apps and content by the use of Sony Android TV.

Just imagine it pairs up the High Definition Range (HDR) with the 4K Ultra HD picture for clarity together with the contrast. It also comes with an Edge-lit LED that produces quality pictures with a sleek slim design.
The Sony 43 in TV comes with Wi-Fi compatibility 802.11aa/b/g/n/ac enabling you to go online and search for your favorite Tv Shows. It has voice control with amazon Alexa compatibility making it easy to use the TV.

It also comes with a refresh rate of 60Hz plus Motionflow XR that produces great motion in all types of content. It has 4 HDMI, 2 USB2.0, 1 USB 3.0, 1 component/composite hybrid.


Triluminos Display
This display produces lifelike colors that are good for the eye. This feature maps colors from a wider palette producing each due detail and hue in the umbrellas. This feature may lead people not leaving your house and even moving in by default.
I had a girlfriend who came back to my life because of this Sony X800E4k HDR TV, I was so astonished because what I remember is that she said my TV was so clear.
This feature is built in this Sony X800E4k HDR TV making sure that the picture quality is just breath-taking. For me I would not watch a TV without a good resolution, I guess being addicted to my Sony TV.
Once we start talking about 4K we all know that this means that this TV has four times the pixel resolution. I don’t need to say much but I guess you might go blind if you haven’t ever watched in a 4 K before.

Sony has now combined 4K with HDR (High Definition Range) so you can try to imagine the level of clarity this TV has. The beauty of this resolution is you can see all the pictures elements like if you play FIFA 18 on this TV you can even see the players sweating and bruises clearly.
Works with Alexa
Sony has now nailed it just tell me giving a command to your TV screen by using your voice. At first, my grandma thought it was some sort of black magic but no, I tried to explain how Alexa works but she wouldn’t understand. It is tricky to know Alexa works but after some time you’ll get used to it.

Alexa is actually working on this device very well and there are no issues that arise using the voice control over some time. For instance, I often turn the volume up or down and even turn the TV off and on.
Google Assistant
This feature is also built your favorite offers the ultimate experience quickly accessing your favorite movies and TV shows. the You can even ask google assistant questions and get answers to problems you face.
We can’t fail to acknowledge the work theSony has put in this TV.
Wi-Fi compatibility
The Sony X800E4k HDR TV has Wi-Fi compatibility since it has an inbuilt Wi-Fi adapter 802.11aa/b/g/n/ac which allows it to connect to networks available. With this, the TV is able to stream and even search for results using the google assistant.
This feature that it can automatically download updates that are released by the Sony Company to come and enhance TV efficiency.
The Sony X800E4k HDR TV has the dimensions of 38*22 3/8 *2 ¼ inches with no stand present but has 42*26*6 inches when the stand is present. It only weighs 30.9 pounds. This dimension shows that it’s a light TV comparing it to its features.
Trust me your youngest son can carry it while you’re moving out to your new place.
It is fitted with numerous ports to make it easy to connect to other devices for input and output. This gives you more options for devices to connect. It has ports as follows 4 HDMI, 2 USB2.0, 1 USB 3.0, 1 component/composite hybrid.

  • Has 4K resolution
  • Wi-Fi compatibility
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Has google assistant
  • Combines 4K with HDR
  • It’s expensive
  • PIP doesn’t work

See What the Customers are Saying

In a Nutshell
    For sure we have to give the Sony Company a round of applause for this Sony X800E4k HDR TV. Overall it is an excellent TV with gorgeous and lifelike pictures that will capture all your five senses and also your sixth one.
    As you all know Sony doesn’t disappoint in any way I’ve had a Sony screen for 5 years now. The con with this screen is that your guests will not leave the house unless prompted to leave. So it is advisable to have a couple of trusted friends who can access your home.
    Sony has so many goodies in this TV making it awesome in all the ways. If you’re looking for a 4K TV this is the TV to go with.

3. LG Electronics 43UJ6300 43 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV: Best 43 inch LG tv

Best 43 Inch TV 2019:  A Complete Review and Buying Guide 3
LG has a 4K TV its dimensions are 3805*22.6*3.2 without TV stand and 38.5*24.2*7.4 withstand. This dimensions clearly show that the 43UJ6300 is a large screen and also slim even though not sleek.
It comes with Smart functionality where it makes it possible to view your favorite apps and TV Shows using webOS 3.5. Wi-Fi compatibility makes it possible to do access to online content, it is armed with 802.11 ac adapter which allows the 43UJ6300 to connect to the network.
Just imagine it is a 4K Ultra HD TV that pairs with High Definition Range (HDR) creating a lifelike picture that keeps the viewers entertained by the clear pictures.
It comes with direct-lit LED that produces a very wanting picture quality. Its refresh rate is 60Hz that goes by the name TruMotion which fast moving objects in action movies to be seen in every motion with the most minimum blur.
The Lg 43UJ6300 has input ports that allow connectivity like 3HDMI, 2 USB, 1 RF, 1 Composite, 1 Ethernet, 1 Optical, Smart TV Operating System webos3.5


It has 4K Ultra HD Resolution paired with HDR
This resolution ensures that the viewer is able to see all the details in a movie or even TV show. As long as the TV is 4K it means that it has four times the number of pixels than in full HD meaning you could damage your iris if you are new to this 4K technology.
As I said before the LG 43UJ6300 has 4K UHD paired with HDR to produce crisp pictures that are lifelike.
webOS 3.5
This feature is built in it to ensure that the viewer is able to browse online TV shows just on the TV. Trust me this will spice up your relationship with your girlfriend. This feature gives you the freedom of watching what you want and not what cable TV brings on TV.
True color accuracy
This feature ensures that the colors that are being outputted by the TV have rich contrast and look lively. This keeps the viewers starring on the TV for hours without even noticing the time ticking.
It has the dimensions of 38.5 x 7.4 x 24.2 inches and weighs 18.5 pounds. This weight is light meaning you girlfriend can carry it around the house.
Wi-Fi compatibility
It has Wi-Fi compatibility that allows it to connect to the internet and allow viewers to search their desired movie or online content at the press of a button and at the comfort of their seats.
The LG 43UJ6300 has been built with input ports to increase the number of devices or peripherals you can connect to it has ports as follows like 3HDMI, 2 USB, 1 RF, 1 Composite, 1 Ethernet, 1 Optical, Smart TV Operating System webos3.5

  • Its 4K UHD
  • Has webOS 3.5
  • Has Wi-Fi compatibility
  • TruMotion does not work
  • Has three dark rings that distract the picture

See What the Customers are Saying

    Overall, the Lg TV is not actually a bad purchase, considering it is 4k UHD and has webOS for me this is like an offer man. Even when you look at its price you’ll find that the product delivers quality for the money.
    Even though it is not perfect for cons like True motion failing at times, this is a TV screen that can serve its purpose for quite some time. This TV still remains to be a good purchase.

4. Best VIZIO 43” TV D43-D1 (2016): VIZIO 43″ 1080p Smart LED TV D43-D1

Best 43 Inch TV 2019:  A Complete Review and Buying Guide 4
Even though the VIZIO Company is not popular enough the VIZIO D43-D1 has got good capabilities. It comes with VIZIO internet Apps plus to instantly enjoy the latest content including movies and songs. This feature actually saves the user from going to search on Google and getting misleading results.

Just imagine that the VIZIO TV has Full Array LED which distributed the LED light on the entire screen creating a form of uniformity in the picture. This ensures that the picture output is brought as it is supposed to be.
The LED backlight is adjusted dynamically by the performance making the TV produce deep shades of black and a richer contrast too. The VIZIO TV has the dimensions of 37.99*24.53*8.27 inches with stand and 37.99*22.36*2.52 inches without stand is present.
It has Wi-Fi compatibility to allow you to access your online content without even connecting your TV to a computer. This created a sense of comfortability and efficiency to this VIZIO TV. I remember my granny couldn’t understand how to use this smart TV. So if you’re thinking of hooking up your grandma with this telly it won’t make sense to her.
It is also armed with a feature called Clear Action 240 with enhanced motion clarity with 120 HZ refresh rate and has powerful image processing for stunning sharp detailed pictures especially in sports and action movies.


Wi-Fi compatibility
This feature is very important because almost everybody is streaming on Netflix using their TV. It allows a user to search the preference he or she has instead of following what is on cable TV. This breaks the monotony of watching a specific show at a specific time, with Wi-Fi compatibility the number of TV shows and documentaries you can watch are endless.
Full-Array LED
This enables the VIZIO TV to spread picture brightness evenly which results in a superb picture. Making it have deeper shades of black and become rich in contrast.
Clear Action 240
It has an enhanced motion clarity with a refresh rate of 120 Hz which is very effective to assist in image processing giving sharp detail and rich contrast.
It has a product dimension of 37.99*22.36*2.52 inches and weighs 18.3 pounds, this shows that the VIZIO TV is light and can be carried by a ten-year-old. For a TV 18.3 pounds is such a lightweight.

1080p Full HD Resolution
This VIZIO TV has more than 2 million screen pixels that are put together to form 1080p Full HD. This ensures that the TV produces a crystal clear image output. Trust me this will make your relatives move into your house.
It will bring the movie love back to your family since the output is just breath-taking.

  • Has 1080p Full HD
  • 120 Hz refresh rate
  • Wi-Fi compatibility
  • Rich contrast
  • It has a horrendous return policy

See What the Customers are Saying

In a nutshell
    The VIZIO Tv remains to be a great TV even while looking at its features it clearly proves to you that it remains to serve its purpose. It is very easy to set up and use. We cannot fail to recognize the work that the VIZIO Company has done.
    Starting from its refresh rate that makes images rich in contrast and also have clarity.

Frequently Asked Questions about 43 inch TV

1. How big is a 43 inch TV?
A 43inch TV offers a gigantic dimension, and its 37.5inch width along with 21.1inch height allows it to get that massive size. This size might differ with new age TVs as they come with a narrow or bezel-less design.

2. What is the best 43inch Smart TV?
This is a debatable question as different experts will provide a different opinion and it is hard to choose the best 43inch Smart TV from one point of view. But according to the research of our team, they consider Samsung 43inch 4K smart TV as the finest one in the bunch.

3. How far away should you be from a 43inch TV?
According to experts if you are installing a 43inch TV in your room, then you should maintain a 15ft viewing distance. But you can keep a smaller distance if you can’t arrange a 15ft viewing distance from your TV.

4. How to access YouTube on 34inch Vizio smart TV?
Accessing YouTube on 34inch Vizio smart TV is quite easy, and you just have to press the V button on the remote to access YouTube. Apart from “V,” you can also use the SmartCast input from input selection or Vizio smart TV app on your mobile to start YouTube.

5. How to put a 34inch TV in your bedroom?
A 34inch TV should be installed in such a way that it offers optimum viewing distance and minimum viewing interruption. It would be a good idea to put it in the corner as it provides a decent viewing distance.

6. How to hook external speakers to LG 43inch TV?
To hook the external speaker to your LG 43inch TV, you need to take the 3.5mm audio cable from the speaker and connect it to the audio port of the TV. You might have to change the speaker setup after hooking the external speaker.

7. How to factory reset Sony Bravia 43inch TV?
First, you need to open the settings of Sony Bravia 43inch TV, then you will have to click the storage & reset option, and in that tab, you will find factory reset option.

What is the 4k resolution?

These are two resolutions which are 3840*2160 pixels of 4096*2160pixels. It refers to four times the pixel resolution or even twice the line resolution (2160p). 4k resolution is often used in commercial digital cinemas in 4096*2160 option. Actually, most films are filmed in 4k resolution by upscaling from 2k.

It has vibrant and pure colors for a more true experience with smooth action on fast moving. It has excellent native contrast ratio, producing very deep black making your pictures just clear and so rich colors.
It has one remote technology inbuilt in it which enables it to automatically detect commands from all your connected devices with no manual programming in order to connect.
Its design is remarkable since it has dimensions as follows(W*H*D) 38.4*22.4*2.5 inches with no stand and weighs 21.2 pounds. This TV is 4K and is capable of bringing all your girlfriends back into your life.
Below are the remarkable features that Samsung has brought into this device.

Buying Guide to Choose the Best 43” Television

Televisions have come a long way, since their invention. The advancements in technology have transformed a big box device to a thin wall-mounted instrument. These days TVs are not merely equipment for watching shows, movies, news or sports but much more than that. Today we can stream online shows, web series, do one-on-one online video chat, browse the internet and so many more things.

TV is not only an important part of a household but also an indication of one’s standard of living. Trends are such that these days every room has a TV installed. So, there is a TV in the living room, the bedrooms and sometimes even in the dining room. The size of the TV, of course, is decided on the amount of space that is available in the room it is to be installed.
Here are a few features that you must look out for while buying a 43” television for your home or office.

Panel type

The foremost feature to look out for is the type of panel the television is made up of. In common words, the panel is the screen that a TV has. For instance, plasma, LCD, LED or something latest like OLED screen. While Plasmas and LCDs are outdated, you can buy a 43” LED TV starting at a price range of $600 – $700.
However, buyers must be aware of the fact whether the TV you are finalizing consists of an LED panel or a simple LCD screen with LED backlighting.


We all know that the higher is the resolution the better is the image quality. These days you can either expect a High Definition TV with 1366×766 pixels orFull HD TV with 1920×1080 pixels. There are 43-inch TVs that come with Ultra HD 4K resolution. While these TV sets are slightly expensive than the usual ones, they are definitely worth buying.

Refresh Rate

Another feature to consider while buying a TV is the refresh rate. Refresh rate when translated to layman language means the number of times a picture is refreshed per second on the screen. Expressed in Hertz (Hz), a 43-inch TV with the refresh rate of 120 Hz or more is a good buy.

HDR Support

High Dynamic Range (HDR) is something else that you must look for while selecting a 43 inch TV. HDR enables you to see an image brighter, with more clarity. These days all online streaming sites like Amazon Prime, HOOQ, Netflix, etc. offer content in HDR.

Connectivity Options

Connectivity is an essential feature these days, which no buyer must miss out on. One must select a 43 inch TV that has multiple connectivity options, namely 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, AV ports, and wireless connectivity. It should be compact enough to connect a variety of devices simultaneously like, gaming console, 5.1 surround sound home theatre system, DVD Player, set-top box, Bluetooth speakers, smartphones, etc. With more connectivity options you won’t have to worry about the continuous process of plugging and unplugging accessories and other electronic gadgets.

Contrast Ratio

The contrast ratio describes the amount of brightness a screen can display. Better contrast ratio display means more subtle shadows and hues and therefore a sharper picture. In simple terms, you will get a clearer picture wherein colors will blend smoothly.

Smart Features

Gone were the days when TV was just an idiot box showing channels that your service provider used to provide. But not anymore. Today a TV comes with a wide range of advanced features like Wi-Fi connectivity, internet access, online streaming, Bluetooth connectivity, android device compatibility, etc. Some of these smart features include:

Fast User Interface

Speed is of utmost importance in today’s world. It is horrifically annoying when your TV takes ages to switch from one app or function to another. A fast user interface is a call for the day when you can go to any app the second you click on it.

Streaming video services

A Smart TV offers online streaming video services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HOOQ, Hulu Plus, etc.Watch any number of shows and movies back to back on your 43 inch TV without having to worry about your eyesight.

4K UHD Streaming Video

There are TVs that come with 4K Ultra High Definition streaming but are a little pricey. But if you can afford it, then you can view every show with extra clarity. But you can only avail this feature if your Smart TV is compatible with it. Your internet connection also has to be fast at least 25 megabits per second to stream it in the Ultra High Definition video.

High-Resolution Audio

An important feature that a buyer must not miss out on is surround sound system with high-resolution audio. The quality should be such that not even the slightest of details are lost. The TV should be equipped with a next-gen audio analyzer that distinguishes high frequencies along with bit depth for an enhanced experience.
Additionally, the TV should have a 4×4 sound system, that is, 2 woofers and 2 tweeters, for a dynamic experience.

Media Player

Looking at family photos on the computer screen is not as much fun as it is when sitting with the family in front of the 43-inch screen in your living room with your family members. A basic DLNA compliant media player can provide you with access to all photos, music or videos on a network attached storage device.

Recommendation Engine

Smart TVs sometimes give suggestions or recommendations on shows that you constantly watch. If you are into watching horror movies you might get recommendations saying that you might also like this movie.

Universal Search

Most Smart TVs have an inbuilt search engine which helps you search for particular TV shows, movies, actors, genres. It might be a tedious and time-consuming process but you eventually get what you want.


Playing games has become a favorite pass time with many. So if your Smart TV can connect to a PlayStation it would be like icing on the cake. Many TVs do have game apps on which you can play games like Solitaire or Angry Birds but on Smart, TVs gaming has become more sophisticated.

Transfer Smartphone content to the Smart TV

Another feature offered by your Smart TV is that you can transfer photos, videos, etc. from your tablet or Smartphone to your TV. But for this, your TV has to be compatible with your device.

App Store

It is also necessary to check whether your Smart TV has access to an app store that offers a wide variety of applications that are launched. As time goes by you can download new and updated apps.

Warranty Period

Check out the warranty period of the set you are going to buy. Although TVs come with a 1-year warranty, there are many companies that also offer extended warranties on their products to woo customers.

There is a huge variety of 43” TVs available in the market to choose from. With these many options, it is up to the consumer to decide which model has the best features and which one suits your purpose the best. Do look into all possible features in detail before taking the leap.

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